Anna Leikovic brutally killed her mother

In Moldova, social media phenomenon Anna Leikovic brutally murdered her mother, whom she argued for drugs. It was learned that Leikovic stabbed her mother several times and removed her internal organs.

There was a blood-freezing incident in the city of Comrat, Moldova. 21-year-old social media phenomenon Anna Leikovic brutally murdered her 40-year-old mother, Praskovya Leikovic.

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According to the information reflected in the local media from police reports, a dispute broke out between the mother and daughter over drugs. Angrily taking the kitchen knife, Anna stabbed her mother in many places.

It was learned that the young phenomenon had removed her mother’s internal organs while Praskovya Leikovic remained on the ground covered in blood. Praskovya, who was also tortured, died.

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Social media phenomenon Anna Leikovic meets her boyfriend after killing her mother

Social media phenomenon Anna Leikovic was revealed to have met with her boyfriend after killing her mother. Leikovic, who has psychological problems and often has intercourse with many men, is among the allegations that she killed her mother after she objected to her actions.

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Anna Leikovic brutally killed her mother

The cold-blooded killer Anna went beyond that, leaving her mother’s body at home to meet her lover.

On the other hand, it was claimed that Anna, who is a medical student, used drugs and her mother worked in Germany for treatment. “Praskovya loved her daughter very much,” Anna’s uncle Vladimir denied the allegations of rehabilitation.

“She would spend time with her as much as she could. The police were able to tell me in two hours that Anna was the main suspect. I can’t imagine that,” she said.

Police spokesperson Lyubov Yanak confirmed that the main suspect is Anna, and that the investigation into the incident is continuing. This murder takes a big place on the agenda of the country. It was also reported that the girl who killed her mother as wild as animals would be treated for psychological problems.

Anna Leikovic brutally killed her mother
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Anna Leikovic was popular on Instagram

A 21-year-old Moldovan lady has confronted court subsequent to being blamed for cutting her own mum at that point mercilessly cut out her heart, lungs and digestive organs – all while the lady was as yet alive.

Police say clinical understudy Anna Leikovic utilized a kitchen blade to cut her mom, Praskovya Leikovic, 40, as indicated by neighborhood news reports.

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The trying Instagram influencer, with an after of almost 10,000, at that point supposedly cut out her withering mother’s organs.

She is then blamed for serenely washing herself off in the shower and meeting up with her clueless sweetheart.

Leikovic is “associated with a horrendous wrongdoing,” the Komsomolskaya Pravda paper detailed.

Moldovan phenomenon Anna Leikovic brutally murdered her mother. The teenage phenomenon allegedly killed her mother for pressuring her to get drug treatment.

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