Anllela Sagra explains her diet program

Anllela Sagra is no longer a foreign name for those passionate about bodybuilding. The key to her sexy figure is the training process and a special diet.

Sagra is a Colombian fitness model, trainer and nutritionist. Born in 1993 with a beautiful face, 6 body and 3 ideal faces, she has 14.3 million followers on her personal page.

Anllela Sagra achieved the desired results with the determination to apply it along with a scientific diet. Soon after, he won the third prize in the bodybuilding competition in Colombia. However, the beauties of the gym still do not give up trying to practice. Sagra regularly shares her training methods and diets on her personal page.

Colombian fitness beauties eat 4-6 meals a day

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For training, Sagra hits the gym twice a day, lasting 90 minutes each. As explained by fitnessreaper, beauty loves and focuses on lower body exercises. She also performs crunches and moves like leg raises in every training session to maintain perfect abs. For the upper body, Sagra chooses light exercises.

Sharing with Fitnessreaper, Sagra believes abs are made in the kitchen. The fitness goddess also said that her tight body and abs are mainly thanks to a good diet.

Anllela eats 4-6 meals a day. Many people have the misconception that skipping meals helps with weight loss. Conversely, skipping meals can force the body to store fat. Eating regularly increases the metabolic rate, which can help burn fat even without physical activity.

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If we’ve ever studied bodybuilding, we know that protein is the most important macronutrient for muscle building. It is important to extend protein intake throughout the day. Every meal Anllela eats contains protein in the form of egg whites or chicken, salmon and vegetables.

Not completely eliminating fast food, Anllela Sagra does “cheat meals” four times a month. She usually eats hamburgers, french fries, cheesecake and peanuts. That was enough to satisfy her longing.

Sagra loves sweets and eats protein bars whenever she feels like it. The results of the diet and exercise above will help Anllella have her dream body.

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