Angry attack on naked cyclists caught on camera

Charity fundraisers Colin Unsworth, 52, and Sadie Tann, 31, were cycling through the countryside on the outskirts of Perth, Scotland, on July 4th. The driver of a passing vehicle drove over them after harassing them.

Colin Unsworth and Sadie Tann, who were biking naked and collecting donations for a charity working on environmental issues and awareness, were verbally abused by a driver while traveling on their bikes in rural Perth on July 4th. What happened when the person who could not get his speed turned back and drove his vehicle over the two of them.

Angry attack on naked cyclists caught on camera 2 gmspors

In the video recorded by the duo, who was on live broadcast during the incident, it was seen that a car was approaching rapidly towards them while the two were chatting and the driver was cursing and shouting at the couple. The cyclist couple fell to the ground and luckily they were not injured.

They claimed that the vehicle returned after the incident, although both were unharmed. Colin said he was stunned by the aggression exhibited and received a lot of positive feedback about the relief trips.

Angry attack on naked cyclists caught on camera 1 gmspors

The duo, who said that many people asked what they were doing and wished them luck and continued on their way, said that they never expected such violence, even though they thought that they might come across people who might be uncomfortable while on the road.

Colin and Sadie, who reported the situation to the police, said that the officers looked into the matter and made great efforts to take necessary action. The couple are now continuing their journey across the country and aim to finish their journey by the end of July.

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