andreja pejic Instagram & Net Worth Drop

Andreja Pejić is known as an Australian transgender female model of Serbian and Croatian descent. Andreja Pejic lately has seen her failure in modeling work in her net worth and the number of followers on her Instagram account. The fact that he signed the right agreements for the model and avoided the sector in recent years caused a rapid decrease in his net worth.

Andreja Pejić During the Financial Condition Pandemic Minus

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Andreja Pejić is an Australian transgender female model of Serbian and Croatian descent. It is known for its androgen physical properties. Born in Tuzla, present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pejic moved to Serbia with his family during the civil war. When he turned eight, he settled in Melbourne, Australia as a refugee.

The 29-year-old model “Andreja Pejić” seems to have been affected by her failed jobs and unemployment during the pandemic in recent years. Pejic, who once seemed to be among the most beautiful women, is in a rapid decline. Its assets have started to depreciate more than expected this year.

2015: She is an Australian model and underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2014. Earlier Pejic walked for both men and women fashion shows. She launched a campaign to film her experience of being a transgender. The campaign was meant to launch $ 40,000 but raised more than $ 60,000.

2020: Andreja Pejić’s net worth is estimated at $ 50,000 in the year. After a rapid loss of net worth, Andreja Pejić, who lost 5 times her net worth in 5 years, is now losing followers on his Instagram account.

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Andreja Pejić Instagram Account Followers decreased

Andreja Pejić’s Instagram Account Followers continue to decline. Especially the photos he shared on his social media account started to no longer attract the attention of many people. Social media users are estimated to have lost interest in the 29-year-old female model.

Andreja Pejic Instagram account has 374 thousand followers. The number of followers in the social media accounts he has used for a long time continues to decrease. The number of followers he gained this year was far below the estimates. The reason for this is explained as worthless posts, which are different types on Instagram.

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