Anastasia Pokreshchuk shared her first version without plastic surgery

Ukrainian model Anastasia Pokreshchuk, who has the world’s largest cheekbones, shared her aesthetic condition.

Ukrainian model Anastasia Pokreshchuk manages to surprise everyone by sharing her first appearance without aesthetics.

30-year-old Ukrainian Anastasia Pokreshchuk became famous as the person with the largest cheekbones in the world. The phenomenon name, which has more than 263 thousand followers on Instagram, has undergone numerous aesthetic operations and spent a fortune to achieve this title. Pokreshchuk, who made a name for herself with the fillers she injected into her cheeks, shared her old look on her social media account.

Anastasia pokreshchuk shared her first version without plastic surgery gmspors

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, a 30-year-old social media phenomenon living in Kiev, Ukraine, amazes those who see it with the size of her cheekbones. To those who think they have big cheekbones, “You may think my cheeks are too big, but they are still very small in my eyes. I need to have the procedure done again soon.” The phenomenon is often the target of criticism because of its unnatural aesthetic operations.

Pokreshchuk, who is known to have had plastic surgery for the first time 4 years ago, shared his 21-year-old photo without plastic surgery from her social media account for those who are curious. “Did you find out? I’m probably 21 on the left,” Pokreshchuk wrote in her post. Her post received more than 16 thousand likes in a short time, and her followers could not agree on which look they preferred in their comments.

Anastasia pokreshchuk shared her first version without plastic surgery gmspors

Anastasiia Is Very Popular On Instagram

Anastasiia, who is on Instagram, one of the most popular social media networks in the world, is a very popular woman.

Anastasiia manages to attract everyone’s attention with her image. Her appearance has changed considerably, especially after the numerous plastic surgeries she has undergone.

She is on Instagram with the username just__queen. She also has a huge fan base on tiktok.

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