Ana Lucia Dominguez dancing in bikini in Tiktok video

Ana Lucia Dominguez charms her followers with her dance at tiktok. Thanks to her fiery physique and agile body, her dance was watched thousands of times in a short time.

Ana Lucia Domínguez made popular tiktok on the yacht and in a bikini

Together with her two friends, the actor was measured to move her hips to the beat of her famous song ‘Ay rico rico’.

When Ana Lucía Dominguez shared her dance video on her Instagram account at tiktok, she managed to get huge acclaim.

It is about a reel where she is seen dancing to her recently spreading famous song ‘Ay rico rico’ and also wearing a beautiful green bikini.

His followers answered his question immediately and wrote:

“The best tip to dance is in the heat of the shower”, “Dance like no one’s watching you”, “Dance happily, everything flows like this”, “Without thinking about anything, let the rhythm lose itself”, “Dance sing in the shower en good fun. ”

Others admired her beauty and described how beautiful she looked in the video: “Divine”, “Goddesses”, “Your friends are so beautiful”, “Where are you, what a pleasure to have fun like that”, “Woo, you’re surprised more with your figure”, “Very good dance yes “,” but if you dance great “.

It should be noted that the actor who is currently working for a Netflix production has lived in the United States for a few months.

Ana lucia dominguez dancing in bikini in tiktok video gmspors

Someone’s activities related to social networks have become very popular, this is Ana Lucía Domínguez. Remembered for her latest performance in Who Killed Sara, the actress falls in love with every photo, video, and workout routine.

Recently, the Colombian has been seen in a video dancing with several of his friends. I can’t handle the dances. Can someone give me some tips? He wrote to the wife of his actor friend Jorge Cárdenas.

Ana Lucía Dominguez is very popular with her nearly 2 million followers on Instagram.

Ana Lucía Dominguez’s towel sharing on Instagram was very popular.

Ana Lucía Dominguez’s dance video covering her body with a towel with the nude dance effect she shared on her Instagram account became very popular a few weeks ago.

Being a very hot person, Ana Lucia wants to meet many male followers thanks to her beauty and sexy physique. Managing to stand out with her videos, Ana Lucia draws attention as much as a passionate dance master.

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