An interesting incident occurred on The Edge radio

A mind-blowing discovery made on a New Zealand radio station. A young woman, who did not want to be named, sought help from the radio team The Edge to find out if her boyfriend of 5 years was cheating on her. Hosts Sharyn and Jayden agreed to help the young woman. What happened next took everyone by surprise.

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A young woman from New Zealand began to doubt her boyfriend because of the infidelity she sensed in their five-year relationship. He asked the hosts of the radio show The Edge to make sure it wasn’t what he expected. The discovery of the team shocked everyone.

One of the hosts, Sharyn, called the boyfriend of the young woman under a false name. She said her name was Virginia, that she was a close friend of the woman they guessed was his mistress, and that she was planning a surprise party for him. He said that he wanted to invite a few of his friends from work and that he needed help with this.

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The man said he could help and replied, “Yeah, it’s going to be a great day out.” Sharyn urged the man to take her on a date before the surprise party so the other guests could gather at a designated location, and he agreed.

Then the host said to him, “Because you’re official now, so you’re like a boyfriend, right? So it wouldn’t be weird for you to take her on a date.” After a moment’s hesitation, the man replied, “I guess so.”

After the man admitted that he was dating the woman, the host changed his stance and asked her, “Are you going to put the date you’re going out with on both your own agenda and your girlfriend’s agenda?” He then added, “I’m just wondering if your girlfriend likes to keep up with her other relationships.” The boyfriend denied the accusations, claiming the host had spoken to the ‘wrong’ person.

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After the heartbreaking discovery, the hosts offered to take the unfortunate woman to a ‘girls night with Jayden’, go to a Japanese restaurant and then sing karaoke. The woman thanked the two for their help and suggested, “Maybe once I get over this, in a year or so, you can help me find someone else.”

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