Amy Kupps, who got pregnant with her ex-student, will do something interesting

The teacher, who got pregnant from her former student, said she would broadcast the birth live in schools! “It’s purely for educational purposes,” she explained.

Former teacher Amy Kupps, who managed to become popular in a short time by selling her sexy photos and videos on social media, is counting the days for her birth. Expressing that she is considering broadcasting her birth live, Kupps stated that she will also prepare a video to be taught in schools.

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Amy Kupps, 33, used to teach at a North Carolina school and changed her career as a social media phenomenon. Amy Kupps, a former teacher who produces content for OnlyFans, which is designed exclusively for adults and run on a subscription system, said that she had a one-night stand with a person she met at a nightclub and became pregnant. Kupps, who kept the identity of her child’s father secret, was shocked when she learned that this person was her former student. Expressing that she is now preparing to raise her child as a single mother, Kupps said that she will record those moments in order to give birth education.

Explaining that she wanted to videotape her birth on social media, Kupps said, “I’m doing this to share my experiences with my fans. I’ll get help from my doctor for the video. “This will come as a surprise to me because I don’t want to know the gender of the baby until the baby is born, but I think I have a daughter.”

Expressing that she misses the aspects of her profession that start with giving information as a former teacher, Kupps said, “As a former teacher, I miss some aspects of the profession such as providing information. I studied health and science alongside my old curriculum, so I’ll be recording the birth for educational purposes. “Some may look at it from a fetish point of view, but I look at it purely for educational purposes,” he said.

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