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Kaitlyn Michelle Siragusa, known as Amouranth, is an American Internet celebrity and Onlyfans publisher. Siragusa is also known for its ASMR Twitch live streams.

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Amouranth is an extremely well known proficient cosplayer, model, and furthermore a Twitch decoration. Amouranth had been brought into the world on December 2, in the year, 1993. Amouranth is 28 years of age, and Amouranth’s introduction to the world sign is Sagittarius. Amouranth sports a level is 5ft 4inch. Amouranth’s genuine name is really Kaitlyn Siragusa. She has a place is of blended plummet, and her legacy incorporates Italian, Cherokee, Irish and furthermore, English. She had been brought up in a moderate environement. She keeps quiet. Amouranth is hitched to Nick Lee. Amouranth has never spoken about her hitched life before the camera. It had been reputed that Amouranth was dating Matt Barr. Amouranth had completed her High School from Houston.

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Twitch Streamer Amouranth Reveals How Much Money She Made From OnlyFans

Amouranth hot photos series 37 fascinating content 1 GMSPORS

One more influencer has joined the trend of influencers explaining OnlyFans income. Amouranth, who has been the subject of many discussions with her broadcasts on Twitch, announced how much money she made by selling only her photos on OnlyFans.

We don’t know what you think, but lately OnlyFans influencers have been on the agenda with their ‘income’ statements. Not a day goes by that another OnlyFans celebrity doesn’t reveal their income. Just last month, we reported on influencers who announced their OnlyFans income to you. In fact, one of them was Turkish.

Now, the popular broadcaster Amouranth, who first came to the agenda with her ‘HotTub‘ broadcasts on Twitch and then became famous by opening an OnlyFans account, announced how much she has earned from OnlyFans so far.

Amouranth hot photos series 37 fascinating content 1 GMSPORS

As you can see from Amouranth’s post on Twitter, the total income she earned from OnlyFans is exactly 33 million 760 thousand 272 dollars. Of course, this gross income and net income is 27,006,617 dollars, which corresponds to 466,493,397 Turkish Liras.

Amouranth is currently among the most watched female publishers on the platforms where it produces content. During her time on Twitch, Amouranth received multiple bans or suspensions for streaming content. The publisher previously stated that switching to OnlyFans is a matter of authorization and described the platform as a much safer environment than Twitch.

Amouranth hot photos series 37 fascinating content 1 GMSPORS

Stating that he earns more than $ 1.5 million a month from OnlyFans, Amouranth explains how lucrative this can be, and in her tweet he says, “It’s not about money, it’s about sending a message.” So what do you think about Amouranth and other publishers’ OnlyFans revenues and their sharing of these revenues?

Twitch bans hot tub streamer ‘Amouranth’ for ASMR yoga streaming

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As reported by Polygon, Siragusa said that Twitch banned him for “sexual content”. But that seems to be due to an ASMR yoga stream, not just one of the so-called hot tub videos that made a mess earlier in the year. Both Amouranth and Indiefoxx had posted such videos in the past few days that now dominate the previously popular ASMR category.

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” a tingling sensation that can provide relief on the scalp. This reaction is often produced by crackling or whispering sounds. In the broadcast in question, Amouranth made such ASMR sounds while performing yoga poses in front of the camera. He licked a microphone to simulate licking the audience’s ear. As Amouranth told Polygon, she’s not the first to post such ASMR yoga streams.

“I guess I’ll have to be more careful – the mood around moderation seems to be to let things take their course ‘until it becomes undeniable,'” the broadcaster said. Just last month, Amouranth turned Twitch upside down with its popular hot tub videos.

“In any event, being perceived as sexy by other users does not contradict our policies, and Twitch will not take any action against creators for being attractive,” Twitch said in a May statement. The new category is designed to make it easier for viewers to avoid eddy streams if they don’t want to watch. So far, Twitch has refused to officially comment on the ban.

Twitch Amouranth

Amouranth hot photos series 37 fascinating content 2 GMSPORS

Twitch streamer Amouranth has consistently been one of the most popular and profitable streamers on the platform for years and has saved a lot of money as a result. Recent Twitch leaks have confirmed that Amouranth is making millions of dollars from Twitch alone, and that’s not even taking into account the many other ways it makes money. Now Amouranth has decided to invest some of its money in buying a gas station to help with the $6 million federal income tax bill.

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