American singer r kelly faces life in prison 2 gmspors

American singer R Kelly faces life in prison

He was found guilty of prostitution and blackmail! American singer R Kelly has been sentenced to life in prison.

Using his position, American singer R Kelly was found guilty of a number of crimes, including molesting women and children for 20 years. The sentence, to be determined next May, could sentence R Kelly to life in prison.

A total of 11 plaintiffs, nine women and two men, detailed in court the sexual harassment and violence they had witnessed by R Kelly during the six-week trial in New York.

After two days of closed deliberation, the jury found Kelly guilty of all charges. The sentence for R Kelly will be determined next May 4.

American singer r kelly faces life in prison 2 gmspors

The American singer could spend the rest of his life behind bars with these accusations. The singer, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was found guilty of sexually abusing women by luring, cheating or forcing them. Some victims said they were children when they were abused.

In court, a woman told in his written statement that Kelly had kidnapped his, locked his up, drugged his, and raped his.

The woman said that Kelly had been hiding from the singer since she made the charges public.

American singer r kelly faces life in prison 1 gmspors

“I am ready to live my life without fear and start the healing process,” said the woman, who was called ‘Sonja’ in court.

Gloria Allred, a lawyer representing some of the victims, told reporters: “I’ve been a lawyer for 47 years. During that time, I’ve been chasing multiple prostitutes who committed crimes against women and children. Kelly was the worst of all.”

Prosecutor Jacquelyn Kasulis said at a press conference outside the courtroom that the court jury also sent messages to strong men like Kelly. “No matter how long it takes, the arm of the law will catch you one day,” Kasulis said.

Kelly was cleared 13 years ago of sexually explicit videos of children in another lawsuit in the state of Illinois.

Most of the allegations in the case were included in the documentary “Surviving R Kelly” released in 2019. Victims were sometimes chosen from the audience who came to his concert or tricked into a web of abuse with the promise of helping his music career. But once they entered Kelly’s circle, they were subject to strict rules and faced heavy penalties if they broke the rules.

Kelly’s team called these rules ‘Rob’s rules’. Alongside the prostitution trade, Kelly was also convicted of racketeering, usually directed against organized crime syndicates.

In court, prosecutors also described how Kelly’s agents, security guards and others around him helped the criminal network. The court also stated that Kelly falsified documents in order to marry the underage singer Aaliyah.

Aaliyah died in a plane crash in August 2001 after marrying Kelly at the age of 15. Kelly’s lawyer, Deveraux Cannick, said his client did not expect to be found guilty “due to inconsistencies”.

Kelly is also facing a separate trial in Chicago for obscene child videos and obstruction of justice. There are separate sexual harassment charges against the American singer in Illinois and Minnesota. Source: BBC