Amen Hadem trains models with great work

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The Iranian fashion designer manages to be someone who is attacked by acid, supporting young girls and educating them to achieve their dreams.

Iranli aa 1 16 9 1663071197 gmspors

Iranian fashion designer Amen Hadem supports women who have been attacked by acid by employing them.

A large number of women in Iran are attacked by acid each year. Although the reasons and people vary, it is considered that the main purpose of the attacks is to take away the beauty of the woman and push her out of the society.

It is stated that the target of the attackers is within the same framework, although spouses who do not get along, families that interfere with marriage, bosses who do not like the accounts, young people whose marriage proposal is rejected and many other factors are put forward.

While the state and non-governmental organizations are carrying out various projects for the rehabilitation of women who were attacked, there are many citizens trying to support the victims.

Amen Hadem, who designs dresses in the capital Tehran, is one of those who try to provide individual support and raise awareness for women who have been attacked by acid. Fashion designer Hadem employs women who have been attacked by acid instead of model mannequins at work.

Expressing that she believes that the woman “has a beauty beyond her external beauty”, Hadem said that the perpetrator of the acid attack aimed to take away the beauty of the woman, whom she saw as her victim, in her own way.

Stating that she thought the attacker would imprison the woman in the house in this way, Hadem said, “The acid attacker may think that she can imprison the woman in the house with this action, but we use that woman who was attacked by acid as a model.” said.


Stating that she tried to help the victims reconnect to life by creating a social awareness, Hadem emphasized that she wanted to give an answer to acid attacks by employing the victims and to show that a woman cannot be excluded from society even if her skin is burned.

Reminding that her colleagues usually run models, Hadem said:

“Everyone thinks that model women should be tall, size 34 or 36, and fair skinned. So every woman who becomes a model has some beauty expectations. We employ women who have been attacked by acid as models. This is how we say that the presence of a woman is beautiful. The acid attacker cannot take the beauty from the woman’s hand by burning her skin. A woman who has lost her external beauty can still continue her social and cultural relations.”

Calling her project “The Beginning”, Hadem explained the reason for preferring white dresses as follows:

“Because the white dress can be the beginning of life again. White is the symbol of the beginning of everything. Therefore, white is the badge of being innocent and sinless. The color white reveals fairness and impartiality as it encompasses all colors.”


Masume Atayi, who was a model at Hademi’s work, said that 2 years after her divorce from her husband, she was attacked by her ex-father-in-law for refusing to reconcile. Atayi, who lost her sight in an acid attack 12 years ago, stated that she met and took part in Hademi’s project about 4 years ago.

Expressing that she could not predict how the project would be received in the society at first, Atayi said, “I thought that this project would only be symbolic and that we would do something different from the modeling understanding that exists in the society. We wanted to raise awareness for women like me who were attacked. However, I continue to take part in this project because the project has been received very well.” said.

Leyla Karibpur reported that she was attacked with acid in front of her workplace 4 years ago. Explaining that she could not fully learn the reason for the attack, Karibpur stated that she could only guess.

Expressing that she wanted to be a model since her childhood and her family supported her, Karibpur said, “Ms. Hademi offered me to be a model, and I accepted. The public has not yet accepted my face as a model. But I try to do my best to be successful in this business.” he said.

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