Ambitious poses from Suzy Cortez, known for her Messi admiration, before the Argentina-Saudi Arabia match

Brazilian model Suzy Cortez is known for her fascination with Messi. Standing out with her assertive posts on social media, the model again showed her hips before the Argentina-Saudi Arabia match. As a result of the match, the message of support to Messi was not delayed.

Before the Argentina-Saudi Arabia match, Suzy Cortez, known for her Messi admiration, was quite hot with assertive poses.

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Suzy Cortez, who was named Miss Bum Bum (Woman with the most beautiful hips) in 2016, is known for her extreme love for Messi. Suzy Cortez, who drew the reaction of Messi with the photos and messages she shared in 2016 and could not prevent the Argentine star from blocking herself from social media, does not give up on supporting Messi.

Cortez, who offered her support to Messi by sharing photos of her hips before the Argentina-Saudi Arabia match, also gave a message of support after the match.

She said that she will not stop supporting Messi, no matter what the name is famous for her hips.

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