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famous actors on vacation in Turkey Amber Heard

Recently, his ex-wife often eventful with Johnny Depp Amber Heard on the agenda with a divorce, the pain of all those tense days enjoying holidays in Turkey.
Amber Heard beautiful actors started to visit many of Turkey’s attention with its beauty.

together with the share photos from social media accounts amazed to Turkey, she said.


After the case in London, where he faced Depp before the law, Heard breathed into Bodrum, then moved to Istanbul. Heard, 34, visited the historical and touristic places of the city and then moved to Cappadocia. Amber Heard also shared his photos taken at places he visited Cappadocia on his social media page.

Heard stated that she was out of breath at what he saw. Her followers gave many likes to these posts of the star. Heard, 34, visited important historical and touristic places of Istanbul with a private guide, and shared a photograph taken during her visit to Hagia Sophia Mosque on her Instagram page.

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Heard wrote, “You can look back on years in Aya Sofya and you will never be bored.” Heard also stated that Hagia Sophia was opened to worship a while ago and he felt lucky to visit this place. Amber Heard visited Hagia Sophia: Luckily I saw this place.

Amber Heard had previously featured this pose taken in front of Hagia Sophia on her social media page.
His ex-wife of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard who settle in London before the law, then came to Turkey holiday. Heard, 34, first went to Bodrum and then moved to Istanbul. The beautiful actress shares her Istanbul holiday and the places she has visited with her followers on her social media account.


Heard first visited Sultanahmet Square, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Süleymaniye Mosque and Spice Bazaar, and yesterday took a boat tour on the Bosphorus.
Amber Heard shared both her own images and images of the surroundings taken during the boat cruise with his followers.

Heard listened to the guide’s account and asked him about the history of the building. Heard was seen wearing striped socks during his visit to the Süleymaniye Mosque.
Amber Heard, who was on the agenda with his ex-wife Johnny Depp with the eventful divorce case, first came to Bodrum and then to Istanbul after serial hearings in London. 34-year-old Heard shared photos of his Istanbul trip from both the “stories” section and the home page of the social media page.

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