Amber Heard sues Johnny Depp for $ 100 million

US actress Amber Heard took action against a smear campaign that actor ex-wife Johnny Depp allegedly waged against her and filed a $ 100 million lawsuit. Depp had previously filed a $ 50 million lawsuit.

Amber Heard sues Famous Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp for $ 100 million

It was reported that Hollywood star Amber Heard was preparing to retaliate by filing another $ 100 million lawsuit in response to the $ 50 million lawsuit filed by her ex-wife Johnny Depp.

Johnny depps stingy claim against amber heard 2 gmspors

In court documents dated August 9, the 34-year-old repeats his allegations that Depp continued “harassment” and suffered “rapidly increasing abuse” against him, while Depp, 57, denies Heard’s allegations and that the person who used violence during their marriage He suggests he’s Heard.

In the documents submitted by Heard, there is also the allegation that Depp made derogatory expressions such as “f …..”, “spoiled pig”.

Johnny Depp compared his ex-wife, Amber Heard, to a woman who slandered heavily. Johnny Depp, the star actor of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, does not care about the cases against him. There were allegations that his ex-wife was mentally ill.

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Allegation of Defamation on Social Media

Heard’s lawyers allege that “Depp is trying to discredit Heard, intervene in his career, reputation and livelihood, with his online smear campaign he organized and directed.” Johnny Depp’s conversations about his ex-wife, who kept his silence about this claim, were on the agenda for a while.


It has also been alleged that Depp “uses both real and fake social media accounts to target Heard’s Twitter account and influence contracts” as part of his smear campaign.

However, the documents included the following statements: Most of these accounts smeared and harassed Heard, while praising Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman.


The case of slander is not over yet

Depp, who is also known for his Captain Jack Sparrow character in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie, previously filed a $ 50 million lawsuit against Heard’s article in the Washington Post in 2018 that he was subjected to violence.

Depp also sued News Group Newspapers (NGN), the publisher of The Sun newspaper, who described himself as “someone who beat his wife”. Recently, the actor’s lawsuit against The Sun was seen in London.

However, the verdict on the case has not been made yet, and although the outcome of the case between The Sun and Depp is expected to be announced in September, the tension between Heard and Depp does not seem to end soon.

Johnny Depp’s new love Sophie Hermann

For a while, actor Johnny Depp, who had a showdown with his ex-wife Amber Heard before the law, allegedly started a new romantic relationship.

It is stated that Depp, the father of two 57-year-old children, has been in contact with actress and model Sophie Hermann of German origin since the beginning of this year.

Depp and Hermann, 33, allegedly met at a hotel in London. The German press suggested that Sophie Hermann wrote down the phone number on a piece of paper and gave it to Depp.

Sophie Hermann made her name known through the TV show Made in Chelsea, in which she starred. Hermann, who has been on the program since 2013, took a two-year break after the sixth season. But then he returned to the show.

Johnny Depp will not be in the new Pirates of the Caribbean project

The production company of the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series Disney Studios received a statement that will upset Jack Sparrow fans. Disney Studios, the production company of the film, announced that Jack Sparrow will no longer appear in Pirates of the Caribbean. Depp, 57, played the character of Jack Sparrow 5 times in the last 15 years.

Speaking to the British Daily Mail newspaper, Stuart Beattie, one of the screenwriters of the film, said that Disney planned a comprehensive change in Pirates of the Caribbean due to the failure of the previous movie Dead Men Tell No Tales at the box office. It was learned that Disney managers decided not to play Jonny Deep in the new project.

Beattie remained silent about whether there will be other changes to the cast in the new project, but informed that a new team of screenwriters, including Deadpool’s writers, will work in the new version of Pirates of the Caribbean.

He played in all the movies of the series
Johnny Depp also starred in 5 films of the series, which brought about $ 4 billion in revenue to Disney. Depp, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2004 for his role as Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean 1, lost the award to Sean Penn.

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