Amber Heard had a good time in the kitchen with her daughter

Did you know that Amber Heard has a daughter? Amber Heard adapted quickly to motherhood and recently announced that she has a daughter.

Amber Heard spent time in the kitchen with her daughter

Amber Heard had a good time in the kitchen with her daughter 2

Actress Amber Heard, who divorced her colleague Johnny Depp in an eventful manner, recently announced that she was a mother. Heard shared a photo with his daughter for the first time.

Amber Heard, who broke up with the American actor Johnny Depp, whom she accused of violence, in 2016, took her first baby in her arms using the surrogate mother method.

Amber Heard had a good time in the kitchen with her daughter 3

Heard, who actively uses her social media account, had fun in the kitchen with her daughter in her arms the other day. Sharing those moments with her followers, the sharing of the 35-year-old player was appreciated by her fans in a short time.

On the other hand, the name of Amber Heard’s daughter was also a matter of curiosity. The famous star named her baby after her mother Paige, who passed away. Choosing to give her daughter two names, Amber Heard added the name Oonagh next to Paige. She gave Heard’s baby the name, which means “lamb” in Irish.

The famous star recently announced the news that she has a daughter, as a surprise to her fans, on her Instagram account. Publishing this photo of her with her baby, Amber Heard expressed her feelings with these words:

I am so excited to share this news. Years ago I decided that I wanted to have children. I wanted to do this on my own terms. Now I understand how radical it is for us women to think this way about one of the most fundamental parts of our destiny.

Amber Heard had a good time in the kitchen with her daughter 1

Amber Heard continued:

Part of me wants to argue that my private life is nobody’s business. I also know that the nature of my job forces me to take control. My daughter was born on April 8, 2021. Her name is Oonagh Paige Heard. This is the beginning of the rest of my life.

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp

Johnny Depps stingy claim against Amber Heard 2

In the alleged incident in May 2016, it was alleged that Johnny Depp destroyed the luxury home and abused Heard over the phone. It was reported that two police officers who went to the scene at that time could not find any evidence of crime.

Depp lost his lawsuit against The Sun newspaper over a story that described him as “a man who beat his wife”.

The London trial also meant an important victory for Heard. However, Depp’s $ 50 million lawsuit against Heard in the USA has not been concluded yet.