Amazon to distribute $2 million rewards to vaccinated employees

Amazon has joined the group of organizers of the vaccine lottery to promote vaccination. Amazon is ready to offer a $2 million reward to increase the number of employees who get vaccinated.

After the declaration of the pandemic and rapid vaccination studies, there is now a vaccine mobilization all over the world. Many countries hold lotteries to encourage the public to get vaccinated. While New York is offering a $5 million lottery for those who get vaccinated, another lottery news came from Amazon.

According to Bloomberg’s report; Amazon is giving away a total of 18 prizes, including $500,000 for two people, $100,000 for six, five cars and five vacation packages, in a lottery called “Max Your Vax”.

Amazon to distribute 2 million rewards to vaccinated employees GMSPORS

With the recent increase in the COVID-19 Delta variant across the country and companies taking a more cautious approach, Amazon has also put on its agenda to re-implement the restrictions it has loosened and made it mandatory for warehouse workers to wear masks at work.

The company is trying to increase the vaccination rate among its employees with the lottery it organizes. The “Max Your Vax” lottery will be open to those working at the forefront of Amazon, including hourly employees at Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh, and employees at Amazon Web Services data centers.

Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel said in a statement; “We strongly believe that vaccines are the best way to protect our frontline workers and communities from COVID-19. “We are proud to host immunization events at more than 1,100 locations to make vaccination as easy as possible for our employees.”