Alysia Magen doing a different job after her old career 2022

Alysia Magen has taken a different path in her life after her old career, she now works for onlyfans.

Alysia Magen was in the US army! Her sexy poses were a real problem for her.

Alysia magen doing a different job after her old career 3 gmspors

Alysia Magen, who started her career in the United States Air Force, claimed that she was fired after her sexy posts on social media. Sharing on social media as a fitness model, Magen made striking statements about her dismissal from her duty in the army.

Alysia Magen continues her life as a bodybuilder, fitness model and boxer. Magen, who sells her sexy photos and videos on an adult social media platform, claimed she was warned by the military. During her time in the military, Magen competed as a bodybuilder as well as building her growing fitness brand. Megan claimed that she was warned harshly after she noticed the posts on the social media accounts of the people she served with in the army.

Speaking on the No Jumper podcast, Magen said, “It was tough because I was always bending the rules. As a bodybuilder, I had a hard time. My social media posts were a huge problem for the army. There was no one in the army who had a big following like me. I just wore a bikini, I didn’t do anything wrong. “I was just doing bodybuilding and I definitely got in trouble,” he said.

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When Megan used her military uniform to support her fitness workout, she said the risqué modeling led to the end of her military career.

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