Alles Isy A trip to 1931 with the acting of Milena Tscharntke

Milena Tscharntke was one of the most striking actors of the successful drama film Alles Isy. With the bitter youth drama, or the film that progressed on a trip to 1931, Milena had an important job in her career.

Alles isy a trip to 1931 with the acting of milena tscharntke 2 gmspors

Alles Is: A Story From Inside The Drama

16-year-old Jonas is in love with his best friend Isy, but enjoys older boys.
When Isy takes drugs and loses control of drunkenness at a party, Jonas’ friends Lenny and Martin make fun of Jonas. But then the situation worsens and three boys rape the unconscious girl.

In the Coming of Age bar you can beat anything: students at a Facebook party. Things get messed up, people drink, pills are thrown out and even coke is made. And of course, the walls of the parents’ house are also stained. Everything on the verge of growth is sexuality between innocence and living account. Finally there is rape.

Already a real Don Juan at a young age, Lenny (Ludwig Simon) summons his friends Martin (Jakob Schmidt) and Jonas (Michelangelo Fortuzzi) to rape the unconscious Isy (Milena Tscharntke). Isy won’t be able to remember this. And if it is – there will be no witnesses, and also no shame, you know that. All of this is shown by directors Mark Monheim and Max Eipp’s movie “Alles Isy”. this is now repeating in real, extraordinary images. It signifies a warning and enlightenment.

None of this has anything to do with the old knockout movies like “It was one of us” and especially the current “#Metoo” debate. “Alles Isy” stands very close to the subject, sexual assault among teenagers needs to be prevented by taking a closer look – the result is mental pain that is difficult to heal.

Alles Isy
A drama that gets under your skin: 16-year-old Isy (Milena Tscharntke) was raped by her colleagues at a party. The film explores how victims and perpetrators deal with it, the dynamics of self-hatred.
shows feelings of guilt, anger, and sadness. He played strong.

Milena Tscharntke, whose influence is striking in Alles Isy Movie

Milena Tscharntke has become a notable name just early in her acting career. Especially with her youth education in cinema and her successful acting career in 2018, he became an actor who managed to become popular in Germany in a short time.

Alles isy a trip to 1931 with the acting of milena tscharntke 3 gmspors


Entertainer who started playing Mia Amalie Winter on the famous German web arrangement Druck in 2018. She had recently featured on shows like Sturmfrei and in films like Radio Heimat (2016).

Prior to Fame

She went to class at Carl-von-Ossietzky-Gymnasium in Hamburg, Germany.

Random data

She has been an individual from the young auditorium game Reset at the Hamburger Thalia Theater. She has likewise showed up in the web arrangement We Are the Wave.

Day to day Life

Her mom is entertainer Andrea L├╝dke.

Related With

She and Louis Hofmann showed up together in the dream film Ende Neu (2018).

Alles isy a trip to 1931 with the acting of milena tscharntke 1 gmspors

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