All sexy women are invited to Neymar’s party

The 5-day party, which Neymar refused, emerged with the sharing of famous models. Although world-famous soccer player Neymar denies that he will throw a 5-day party through his lawyer, already sexy models continue to flock to the party.

PSG’s Brazilian star Neymar was allegedly organizing a 5-day party in Rio de Jenerio, and the lawyers of the star name denied this claim, but the shares of famous models from Rio, who were allegedly invited, strengthened the rumors that the party was taking place.

It was claimed that PSG’s Brazilian superstar Neymar will organize a 5-day party for New Year’s Eve. Although the Brazilian star’s lawyer made a statement and denied the party allegations, there was a confusing development.

Neymar in reddettigi 5 gunluk partiyi unlu 13836646 1707 m gmspors
All sexy women are invited to Neymar’s party

Models and models from many parts of the world suddenly started sharing photos from Rio, Brazil. All of the models came to the country on a private jet while sharing photos from a beach in Rio. This beach was claimed to be in Neymar’s million euro mansion in Rio.

“I returned to Brazil after 10 years” wrote on the photo of model Michelle Nevius. Jessica Bartlett, the model who shared a photo from the beach, showed Rio as a location.

Famous Brazilian model Kiki Passo also shared a photo with other models from the beach in Rio. Famous phenomenon Ana Liz Bittencourt, on the other hand, shared a photo from Rio with the bracelet worn on her wrist for the entrance to the party.

Neymar in reddettigi 5 gunluk partiyi unlu 13836646 1785 m gmspors

Kiki Passo, Michelle Nevius and Jessica Bartlett are the hottest models at Neymar’s party.

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Jessica Bartlett (@jessicambartlett)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi

The 5-day party claim was described as great irresponsibility during the coronavirus period, which drew great reaction. Although Neymar denied the matter, it was stated that the models were in Rio for the party.

While PSG was very careful about protecting its players from coronavirus, it was a matter of curiosity whether Neymar would impose any penalties for his party.

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Michelle Nevius (@michellenevius)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi

Kiki Passo, one of the sexiest female models in social media, came to Brazil for Michelle Nevius and Jessica Neymar’s party. Although all the details about the 5-day party remain hidden, all the sexy models are in Brazil.

Bu gönderiyi Instagram'da gör

Kiki Passo (@kikipasso)'in paylaştığı bir gönderi

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