Alison Liddey harassed at the supermarket

Alison Liddey was harassed while shopping at a supermarket. The man who harassed Alison while she was shopping was spotted on camera.

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Twitch phenomenon Alison Liddey harassed live

Streaming on Twitch, one of the popular live broadcast platforms, Alison Liddey opened a live broadcast while she was shopping at the supermarket. Liddey, who was harassed by a man passing behind her while she was waiting to pass the products she bought, realized the situation as a result of the warnings of her followers.

Alison Liddey was photographed by a man while she was broadcasting live. People warned her about Alison Liddey’s situation.

Women started to show reactions on social media after the images of her being harassed. Photographs of Alison Liddey were discovered live on air, which were taken by a middle-aged man without permission. Female fans targeted men on social media to support Alison.

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Alison Liddey, who was going to the supermarket to buy supplies for her 21st birthday party after broadcasting live at home, was waiting at the checkout to pay, while a man passed behind her, secretly took pictures of her and immediately walked away.

Alison Liddey, user named ibabyrainbow, who has more than 630 thousand followers on the live broadcasting platform Twitch, continued her live broadcast for more than 4 and a half hours, despite the warnings of her followers.

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