Alexandra Blankenbiller TikTok phenomenon’s last words ‘Please get vaccinated’

TikTok phenomenon Alexandra Blankenbiller died due to the corona virus, which she suffered heavily because she did not get vaccinated. The young woman shared her last moments with the video she took from her account, urging her followers to ‘get vaccinated’.

The last words of the TikTok phenomenon were ‘Please get vaccinated’! Tiktok user, who consciously warned people with the videos she shot on Tiktok, died due to coronavirus.

31-year-old TikTok phenomenon Alexandra Blankenbiller, living in Florida, USA, paid a heavy price for her refusal to be vaccinated. The TikTok phenomenon was hospitalized in August due to the corona virus.

Like many anti-vaccinators, the young woman who was not vaccinated was treated at the hospital because her symptoms were more severe. Blankenbiller died after 9 days in the hospital.

He shared his last moments with his followers on his TikTok account. Alexandra Blankenbiller, who has more than 16 thousand followers on TikTok, started her last video with the words “I don’t have much energy, so I will act fast”.

Alexandra Blankenbiller TikTok phenomenons last words Please get vaccinated GMSPORS

Blankenbiller said, ‘I’m not vaccinated. I am not anti-vaccine. I was just scared and wanted to do my own research on this. I understand this is a mistake. I shouldn’t have waited. If you are even 70 percent sure about the vaccine, go and get vaccinated right away. Because in this way, you will not end up in a hospital like me.’

This video of Blankenbiller was watched by 834 thousand people. The state of Florida has started to see its highest case and death rates since the beginning of the epidemic in recent days. The young woman died 9 days after the video was released.

In one of the videos she shot before this last video, the young woman explained that she was trying to persuade her family to get vaccinated. However, he succumbed to the corona virus without being vaccinated.