Alexa Bliss Responds to Fan’s Criticism of Her WWE Booking on Twitter

Alexa Bliss’ present WWE character is polarizing among fans, yet the adorned Superstar is chuckling right to the bank.

On Saturday, the WWE Network Twitter account tweeted a clasp of Bliss beating Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship in 2017:

That prompted some discussion on Twitter, including one remark that reprimanded WWE’s choice to have her heft around a doll named Lilly.

Accordingly, Bliss noticed that the Lilly doll continues to sell out on WWE Shop:

The current emphasis of Bliss’ person began to come to fruition around one year prior when she became hypnotized by “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and adjusted herself to him.

Ecstasy’s new dull person opened a great deal of entryways for her, including having a match of sorts against Randy Orton at Fastlane in March, which she won on account of obstruction from The Fiend.

Alexa turned on The Fiend at WrestleMania 37, and since Wyatt has since been delivered from WWE, Bliss is a performance act beside the presence of her had doll.

Delight’s person goes from joyful to insane and is regularly exhibited on Raw in “Alexa’s Playground” sections.

While Bliss is falling off a quarrel against Eva Marie and Doudrop that wasn’t especially generally welcomed, she beat Eva at SummerSlam and may now be in line to enter the Raw Women’s Championship picture.

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Delight interfered with a promotion by Raw Women’s hero Charlotte Flair on Monday night’s scene of Raw, conceivably setting up a contention between them.

While using her mainstream Goddess character, Bliss won the Raw Women’s Championship multiple times, the SmackDown Women’s Championship twice and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships twice.

Happiness’ present person may not be intended for everybody, except it is by all accounts associating with the more youthful piece of WWE’s fanbase, which frequently will in general bring about big-time benefits for WWE according to a promoting point of view.

However long individuals keep on buying the Lilly doll and Alexa’s other merchandise, her contrivance is possible staying put.

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