Alex Baxter was mocked on social media

Australian model Alex Baxter climbed onto the lakeside cliff for the sake of posing. The dress of the young model who lost her balance and fell from the rocks became a mockery on social media.

While Alex was trying to get the best pose on the rock she was on, she suddenly saved her balance and dropped down to show her underwear and legs.

The model slipped from the rock in the waterfall in the Karijini region and fell violently into the lake water, and shared the video of the moments of her fall with the note “Revenge of nature” in her account.

While the video received thousands of likes in a short time, some users said that it is wrong to travel away and get in shape from shape just to put a pose on Instagram.

Others commented, “I wish such accidents happen to all models.” Influencer and travel blogger Alex Baxter slid down while trying to be photographed in a national park in Australia … The images of the 26-year-old blogger, who shared his fall on his social media account, went viral

Fortunately, Baxter’s images, which did not hurt, went viral after being shared on his social media account called ‘Influencers in the Wild’ … The post received more than 85 thousand likes.

“We were in the most beautiful place in Australia,” Baxter told Daily Mail Australia. My brother Riley was tired of taking pictures of me but I forced him to do it, ‘he said. The young woman, whose travel plans were delayed due to Covid-19, now travels across Australia and shares her experiences.

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