Alex Aspasia showed up with her boyfriend

Alex Aspasia, the 150-pound model, sat on her lover’s lap and shared: “I laugh at the oppressors,” she said.

Popular plus-size social media phenomenon Alex Aspasia has started a new relationship. The young woman, who shared the images taken with her boyfriend from her social media account, called out to her followers, saying that the body they were in did not prevent them from finding love. Aspasia quickly went viral with her post titled “Don’t let your body stop you from finding that person”.

Alex Aspasia, a plus-size social media phenomenon with a height of 1.80 and a weight of 150 kilograms, is on the agenda with his new love. Aspasia, who often includes images taken with her lover on her TikTok account and tries to prove to people that their appearance does not prevent them from finding love, drew attention on social media.

The duo looked very happy and passionate in their candid images where he dressed as the cartoon character Jessica Rabbit and his girlfriend, whose name has not yet been revealed, wore bunny ears. Those moments when they looked into each other’s eyes and kissed, attracted great attention by their followers.

Many congratulated the couple and wished them happiness. Others drew attention to Alex’s beauty. However, there were also those who expressed their despair. Alex’s response to a user who said that he believed she couldn’t find anyone because of her size and was very lonely, was “Even if it takes time, you will find someone, be sure!”.

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Unfortunately not everyone came with positive comments. There were also countless people who made harsh criticisms of the couple’s bodily differences and relationships. However, Alex soon replied to them with a new video.

“I’m laughing at the oppressors who hate that I’m a fat woman with a great partner,” the young woman explained, posting a video of her boyfriend kissing her and then smiling and sticking her tongue out.

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