Alessandro Arlotti ends his football career at the age of 18

Alessandro Arlotti, one of Italy’s promising talent, announced that he ended his career at the age of 18 after the news from the USA. Alessandro Arlotti also spoke about career planning.

Alessandro Arlotti ended his football career at the age of 18. The only 18-year-old footballer ended his career with an interesting decision after weeks of transferring to a new team.

Alessandro Arlotti says goodbye to football at the age of 18

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Young star candidate Alessandro Arlotti, who grew up in the Monaco youth team of the French Ligue 1 teams and transferred to Pescara from the Italian Serie B teams last summer, suspended his football career at the age of 18. Shown as one of the promising talents of Italian football, Alessandro Arlotti decided to pursue a completely different career.

Receiving the news that he was accepted to Harvard, one of the world’s most prestigious universities in the USA, Alessandro Arlotti left Pescara and put an end to his football career. Stating that he was very happy when he learned that he was accepted, Alessandro Arlotti stated that he made this decision to spare more time for his academic career than football. Speaking to RMC Sport, the young former footballer said, “Many people have tried to dissuade me from my decision. But I could not miss this opportunity, ”he said.

Reminding that he has not had a chance to form in Pescara yet, Alessandro Arlotti said, “The team is in the last place of the league. Therefore, I understand that young players cannot give a chance to form ”.

Alessandro Arlotti announced on his social media account that he was accepted to Harvard University.


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Stating that he wanted to seize the great opportunity that came to him from the USA, Alessandro Arlotti said, “My family, friends, people around me even social media users told me not to quit football. Almost everyone opposed me to quit football. I’m still trying to explain my decision to them. Gianluca was my brother who guided me during this period ”.

Alessandro Arlotti’s older brother, Gianluca, also decided to go to Boston University to study economics after playing ball in France for a while. Gianluca, who is still doing economics research at Boston University, continues to play football in the university team. Alessandro Arlotti has the chance to play in the university team while studying, just like his brother.

Stating that he will study in the field of economics, Alessandro Arlotti said, “I have not determined the branch to specialize in yet. At Harward, I am given my basic ethics for the first two years. “I think I can choose the field I want to specialize in at that time.”

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