Alcoyano footballers joy of Real Madrid

Football players from Alcoyano experienced great joy when Real Madrid came out in the draw.

In the last 32 rounds of the Spanish King’s Cup, Real Madrid matched with Alcoyano from the Spanish Segunda Division B teams. Football players from Alcoyano, who watched the draw live, were delighted when they saw the name of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid joy of the players of Alcoyano from the Spanish Segunda División B teams.

Football players from Alcoyano, who matched with Real Madrid in the last 32 rounds of the Spanish King’s Cup, experienced great joy.

The happiness of the football players who followed the draw live was reflected in the camera.

Alcoyano got his name in the next round by defeating Huesca 2-1 in the second round of the Spanish King’s Cup.

Alcoyano saves his moral legend to take Real Madrid

Alcoiano’s morale legend will reappear in the 32nd round of the Copa del Rey, where the El Collao team will face Real Madrid at their home to use this magic to set the cup bell.

Much has been written about the idea that tied the Alicante club with a fighting spirit and the capacity for sacrifice to the test of the toughest rival and the most unfavorable scoreboard and became nationally famous in the late 1940s and early 1950s. In the last century, when Alcoy’s team spent four seasons in the First Division.

Alcoyans, whose morale was attributed to specific matches, argued that the legend was not made up in a particular match, but rather the result of the sporting virtues that the team regularly displayed.

In a match where Alcoyano lost 7-1, the referee was said to have blown the final whistle three minutes before the appointed time. The players of the blue-and-white team surrounded the referee and angrily asked for explanation. “Be moral” was heard from the stands.

Others mention a Third Party game where the team scored a dozen goals without sacrificing their efforts, but the truth is that the team is collective for its imaginary moral values ​​beyond its passage through other categories of Spanish football.

Evidence of this was the cup tournament qualifiers against top rivals, and they were victorious against Premier League team Huesca in El Collao this Thursday. Real Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia have already passed the Alcoyan stadium in the cup tournament, as well as their league matches seventy years ago.

It was the time of Saénz, Antonio Calpe, Mundo, Botana, Gil and many other famous members of a mountainous urban team, an area with cold winters and you had to squeeze hard to score goals.

History has given a lot. Journalist Julián García Candau has published a worldwide book of football anecdotes entitled “La moral del Alcoyano”. The author does not go into details which is the key party that created the legend, but does not hesitate to emphasize the importance of the image of the club, noting that this is “the paradigm of the story if it is not true, if it is well told.” .

“Morality has paid off and Alcoyano has passed” or “Alcoyano never lags” is making headlines, but they will definitely be in a newspaper library. Now the team, club and Alcoy fans hope to be able to read them again the day after the Real Madrid match.

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