Akeem Omolade found dead in his car

Akeem Omolade, once the hottest football player, was found dead in his car.

A football player who left his mark on a period, was found dead in his car, and all eyes were on the search for a murder.

The inside of the incident shocked everyone

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Akeem Omolade Oluwuashegun, a 39-year-old Nigerian football player who has become a symbol against racism in football, died unexpectedly. Akeem was found dead in his car.

Former Nigerian football player Akeem Omolade Oluwuashegun, who was treated for leg pain for a while, died in his car on the way to the hospital. According to the news in Haber Global; Akeem, in Palermo, Italy, died before he could reach the hospital he wanted to go to due to the increasing pain. It was announced that the player, who did not have any external wounds, died in pain.

The football player, who played in the Italian Serie with Turin in the early 2000s, wore the Treviso jersey for the first time in Italy. The player, who was exposed to racism by his own fans in a match with the Treviso team in Serie B, suddenly became an icon against racism with his actions.

In the game played against Genoa in 2001, his teammates went on the field with their faces painted black. Akeem Omolade, who made his debut in Serie A in Italy on February 2, 2003 against Inter, played for Granada in Spain before he suffered a major injury and started playing in the lower leagues.

Former Turin football player Akeem Omolade died at the age of 39 while being hospitalized.

“President Urbano Cairo and the entire Turin Football Club share the grief of the Omolade family over the death of former Torino player Akeem Omolade. Coming to Turin from Treviso, Omolade played first in the youth team, then in the first team and made his Serie 2 debut. Everyone who made up A. Torino against Inter Milan in February 2003 sends their condolences to all their loved ones, family and many friends”, in a statement issued by the Torino city club in Piedmont.

According to Infobae , Omolade was being treated by different specialists for pain in his legs when he died in the company of a friend on his way to the hospital , whose diagnosis awaited further investigation.

Omolade has been subjected to racist acts on the ground that did not involve any sanction. Zoro of Ivory, Boateng of Ghana or Samuel Eto’o of Cameroon suffered without real sanctions.