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Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana from UEFA is banned from football for 12 months!

Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana from UEFA is banned from football for 12 months!

The UEFA Disciplinary Board gave Ajax’s 24-year-old goalkeeper, Andre Onana, a 12-month ban for violating doping rules. Onana was transferred from Barcelona’s infrastructure to Ajax in 2015.

The penalty of Ajax goalkeeper Andre Onana, who was found to use a banned substance, was announced.

The UEFA Disciplinary Board banned the 24-year-old goalkeeper from football for 12 months. During the check on October 30, the drug Furosemide was detected in the urine of the 24-year-old goalkeeper, after which he announced that he would apply to CAS and appeal the decision.

Andre Onana and Haller shocked in Team Ajax

Dutch giant Ajax can not get rid of trouble! The red-whites who forgot to add Sébastien Haller to the UEFA squad during the break, this time were shaken by the 12-month football ban given to Onana!

Bad news from UEFA came to Netherlands Eredivisie team Ajax! The UEFA Disciplinary Board banned Ajax’s 24-year-old goalkeeper, Andre Onana, from football for 12 months for doping violation.

After the doping control tests carried out on October 30, 2020, Furosemide was found in the urine. After the test result is revealed, Cameroonian goalkeeper Onana will not be able to play in both the club and the national team for 1 year from February 5, 2021.

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Andre Onana The drugs given by his wife burned his head

In the statement made by Ajax’s official website, Onana did not feel well on the morning of the test and asked her husband for medication. Onana, who took the drug called Lasimac, punished her for believing that she did not take a performance-enhancing drug according to the UEFA Disciplinary Board, but it was the responsibility of the person to take a banned substance in an athlete’s body!

Ajax Club also stated in a statement on the official site that they will appeal to CAS for Onana.

Ajax CEO Edwin van der Sar said, “We have always defended clean football. This was bad for both the club and Onana. He is an important name for the club that has proven its value to Onana, beloved by the fans. We think that the penalty should be less because the drug does not contain a performance enhancing substance ”.