After the EURO 2020 Match, the English fans ran in the streets with naked joy

English fans ran naked on the street and became the subject of the quarter-final celebrations. Losing himself, British fans are running naked through the streets.

After beating Germany 2-0 in the EURO 2020 Round of 16, England advanced to the quarter-finals. At the end of the match, an English fan who celebrated wildly missed the dose of joy. Losing himself with joy, the Englishman threw himself into the street naked. His identity could not be determined because no one reported the supporter, who was having fun in the eyes of the people around him.

Germany and England faced each other in the EURO 2020 Round of 16. England won the fight 2-0, advanced to the quarter-finals and became the opponent of Ukraine. At the end of the match, the British fans, who were happy naked, sat on the agenda.

After the EURO 2020 Match the British fans ran in the streets with naked joy.

After England beat Germany and made it to the quarter-finals, a British fan lost their temper and ran naked down the street to celebrate the victory. Since no one who saw the fan called the police, the police did not start any work to identify the man. Police officials said that normally in such events, citizens call and report them, but they did not receive any notice for the man who celebrated the victory by running naked.

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