Adriane Galisteu accused of supporting abuse after controversial camel photo

Adriane Galisteu, who spent the holiday season in Dubai with her family, caused controversy on social media last Tuesday (10).

All for uploading a photo of him in his feed of him in the company of a camel. Despite sharing the record with the best of intentions, the presenter was heavily criticized.

In the comment area of ​​the post, netizens accused Record’s contractor of supporting animal abuse.

“One is gagged, the other is blindfolded. But those who are blindfolded are people who can’t see him!” problematized a follower.

“Animal abuse and even post this nonsense, what a bad example,” fired another. “Oh Adriane, I really like you, but it’s not nice to explore animals,” another responded.

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After the reaction created by the image, the artist adopted the attitude of deleting all the negative messages he received in the broadcast.

It is worth remembering that Galisteu will present the next host of A Fazenda 2021 with Record by Record. According to columnist Flávio Ricco, the blonde has no problem knowing in advance who the 20 participants in the show are.

New to the command of the Power Couple, Adriane prefers to ignore all speculation and wait for the official roster to learn the names with the public.

Despite this, the premonitions have already begun. In addition, columnist Fábia Oliveira also announced some names related to the production of the shoot, which is expected to go on the air as of September 14.

The list includes: Tati Quebra Barraco; Current relationship of Maria Júlia Mazalli, Lipe Ribeiro; Yá Burihan, ex-Fazenda’s ex-fiancé; Rich Melquiades; Celso Portiolli’s stage assistant Luiz Paulo Arashiro and impressive Ney Lima.

The attraction, worth remembering, is keeping the prize of R$1.5 million for the winner and handing out extra prizes of R$500,000 throughout the season. Even the sponsorships are going very well.

Following the announcement of the new host, Record secured the sale of another sponsorship quota. Thanks to the innovation, the channel has earned around R$100 million and already has five major advertisers for the attraction.