Adriana Chechik told what she is looking for in her boyfriend

After Adriana Chechik started counting the qualities she looked for in a boyfriend, her fans began to comment on this topic.

Adult movie star Adriana Chechik shared the traits of her ideal lover! With her statements that will shake the social media, Adriana has even been on the agenda on Twitter about boyfriend.

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What does Adriana Chechik say about a man?

World-famous adult movie star Adriana Chechik talked about her expectations in an ideal relationship and the characteristics of a potential lover. Expressing that appearance is not important to her, Chechik said that fulfilling a few items would be sufficient in an ideal relationship. Chechik’s words quickly became a hot topic on social media.

The world-famous adult movie star Chechik, who has 3 million followers on social media, called out to her future girlfriend, saying he wanted a regular relationship. Expressing that she can choose her girlfriend among her fans, Chechik talked about the ideal male type in the Pillow podcast.

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Expressing that she is only obsessed with the color of her eyes, Chechik said, “I want him to have green eyes. In fact, this substance causes many people to be eliminated. The second is personal hygiene. I evaluate them according to the answers they give to my questions on this matter.”

Stating that men should not evaluate themselves because of their appearance, Chechik said, “Do not evaluate yourself. Because appearance is only about what you see in front of the mirror. I’m not after this. “The body doesn’t matter,” she said.

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Adriana Chechik experienced awful wounds while delivering grown-up satisfied scenes

Adriana Chechik, a pornography star, has revealed that she supported extreme wounds while shooting grown-up scenes.

In a meeting with ‘The Plug Podcast’, she said she endured harm to her neck, spine and cerebrum stem during weighty grown-up scenes.

This is against the view that grown-up satisfied creation is pretty much as simple and smooth as displayed after creation.

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She contrasted shooting grown-up scene with wrestling – “I feel like it resembles a hotter wrestling,” said the star, making a correlation with the wrestling displayed on TV shows.

“I’m truly messed up the present moment. I have a squeezed nerve and my C6 and 7 vertebrae are awkward,” she said.

Furthermore, Chechik expressed that she currently has a herniated circle and that her “cerebrum stem has really been disengaged a smidgen”.

These disclosures show that even grown-up happy creation needs guideline from film sheets and government.

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