Adinda Bakrie looks cool in swimsuit style

Sexy Dressed Portrait of Adinda Bakrie, Body Targets Will Make Netizens Jealous, Model posed in Enjoying the summer with her husband.

Hot mom Adinda Bakrie’s charm has always managed to grab the attention of netizens. Although she is married and has children, she still has the ideal body that women dream of.

The third generation of the Bakrie Family can be said to be the beauty icon of one of the largest holding groups in Indonesia, along with Ardi Bakrie’s wife, Nia Ramadhani.

Despite being 40 years old and having three children, Adinda Bakrie’s looks are still very attractive. Especially with her stomach that always looks thin.

The following is a portrait of Adinda Bakrie’s beauty that never fades with age:

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@adindabakrie frequently shares photos of her events with her youngest daughter, Korra Di Lucia, via her personal Instagram. One of them is wearing this super sexy bikini right now.

Hot mom Adinda Bakrie, a socialite, loves to pose in a bikini that clearly shows her slim body.

The beauty appeal of Adinda Bakrie, who already has three children, has been arguably going strong since she decided to marry Vinny Di Lucia in mid-2020.

Before joining her extended family’s business directly, Adinda Bakrie appeared as the cover model for Prestige Indonesia, one of the most prestigious lifestyle magazines in the country.

The Bakrie Family’s profile as a beauty icon has been the subject of several debates for the magazine’s upper class in the country.

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