Addison Rae has a hot kiss with her boyfriend Tanner Buchanan

Kourtney Kardashian’s BFF Addison Rae and her co-star Tanner Buchanan introduced ~Best Kiss~ at the MTV Movie and TV Awards the previous evening and duh, they clearly kissed in front of an audience AS IS TRADITION.

The He’s All That costars bolted lips Sunday night while introducing in front of an audience at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards, prodding fans with science sure to be additionally investigated in their impending film, which is a sexual orientation traded redo of the notable 1999 adolescent rom-com She’s All That.

While this kiss would commonly incite a buncha “are they dating????” hypothesis, kindly note that Addison and Tanner are featuring in the forthcoming change of She’s All That named He’s All That. So they’re certainly barely around here advancing the film with this PDA second, no compelling reason to freeze.

In any case, too bad. Twitter just wasn’t here for it and continued to cook poor Addison and Tanner. Like, Addison’s name has been moving for quite a long time, and the answers on the above tweet from MTV are ideal and most considerately depicted as an excursion.

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Is Addison Rae Tanner dating Buchanan?

Beside Charli D’Amelio, TikTok’s greatest star is 20-year-old Addison Rae Easterling. With almost 80 million devotees on the short-structure video-sharing application, Addison has an advantageous stage. She’s additionally wandering into different freedoms outside of TikTok, including a melody, “Fixated,” and an acting job in the impending Netflix film, He’s All That.

While Addison’s day to day life, quarrels, total assets, and vocation outside of TikTok have all been striking subjects of conversation on the web, her dating life keeps on standing out as truly newsworthy.

She cut off her friendship with on-and-off playmate Bryce Hall in March of 2021, and began powering the talk plant again with a potential connect to vocalist Jack Harlow. At that point, at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards, Addison imparted a kiss to her He’s All That co-star, Tanner Buchanan, driving fans to keep thinking about whether both of them were a thing.

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Who is Addison Rae dating in 2021?

Very quickly after Addison affirmed that she had broken up with Bryce in March of 2021, individuals started to contemplate whether she had started dating another person.

She allegedly went to a bout at the Triller Fight Club with vocalist Jack Harlow on April 17. The supposed joint made waves on the web, and Bryce composed a couple of tweets that seemed, by all accounts, to be pointed at Addison and Jack.

“I’m going to detonate man,” the previous Sway House part posted on April 19.

His next tweet was about somebody “sneaking around” on him.

“F – g me, revealing to me u love me at that point sneaking around [with] another person… that f – g harms,” Bryce added on Twitter.

“I feel like such a dolt,” he later tweeted.

Addison later put any misinformation to rest about the Jack Harlow theory, and she likewise set Bryce straight.

“I’m single,” the “Fixated” artist composed that very day.

Despite the fact that Addison and Bryce threw in the towel, obviously there’s still some hurt sentiments between them. The two have separated and accommodated a few times since 2019.

Only a couple a long time after Addison was connected to Jack (and affirmed that she was not dating him), she and He’s All That co-star Tanner Buchanan shared a kiss at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards. After seeing the friendly trade, devotees of the two individuals quickly took to online media to theorize about whether Addison and Tanner are dating. For reasons unknown, however, Tanner has a sweetheart! Obviously, the kiss was most likely your essential exposure stunt.

Addison Rae recently dated Bryce Hall — here’s a course of events of their relationship.

Clients love to see a sentiment between TikTok stars (recall the days when Charli D’Amelio and Chase Hudson were a thing?), so many have been pulling for Addison and Bryce since 2019.


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Bryce and Addison were acquainted with each other in October of that year while spending time with common companions. The two were new to their TikTok popularity, and they fortified over their developing stages.

While Bryce was at that point situated in Los Angeles by then, Addison settled on the choice to move toward the West Coast about a month later. Whenever they were situated in a similar city, they had the option to have a relationship.

In any case, the two just affirmed that they had dated after they had effectively separated.

“Addison and I are NOT dating!!!” Bryce tweeted in January of 2020. “She’s doing whatever she might want to do and I’m doing mine. We’re still companions and plan to stay that way!! I actually love her we’re still going to hang [and] stuff, yet we’re simply not going to be kissy any longer.”

After a month, Addison repeated Bryce’s supposition about leftover companions while talking with Entertainment Tonight.

“At the present time we’re in an ideal situation as companions and we both commonly concluded that,” she said in the meeting.

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For a long time, Bryce and Addison chipped away at their own substance without each other. When they fired springing up in each other’s recordings in the fall of 2020, the hypothesis started once more.

Like any self-regarding Gen Z pair, Addison and Bryce both shared that they dating again in video blogs on their individual YouTube stages.

In Addison’s video, “The Truth About Us,” which was posted on Nov. 30, she shared that she formally reunited with Bryce weeks sooner.

“So we are dating, and we’ve been dating since Oct. 13,” she said toward the finish of her video. “We’re dating authoritatively, and it’ll be truly fascinating to see where this goes.”

In Bryce’s video, he momentarily alluded to Addison as his “sweetheart.”

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be well before show would wreck their sentiment indeed.

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Did Bryce undermine Addison?

Notwithstanding the couple’s previous declaration that they were authoritatively on, Bryce and Addison before long confronted a few public knocks in their relationship. Bits of gossip that Bryce was undermining Addison started when he was seen clasping delivers public with individual TikTok star Loren Gray, however the locating was immediately credited to a trick.

In any case, the bamboozling tattle just returned after Bryce made an excursion to Las Vegas in February. Cases were made that he had a meeting with growing influencer Dana Wolf.

Famous dramatization maker Keemstar transferred a video supposedly showing screen captures that demonstrated he had undermined Addison, however Bryce unyieldingly denied the bits of hearsay.

He additionally noticed that he was thinking about making a lawful move because of the hypothesis.

“I didn’t undermine Addison” he later tweeted.

Addison later proposed that she had tapped out with Bryce — again — in a March 23 web recording meeting with Zane Lowe. She alluded to the TikTok star as her “ex” while advancing her new melody “Fixated.”

She said, “So the late evening recording this… I was driving just before the studio, I had dropped off my ex, my beau at that point. He took a gander at me and resembled, ‘I’m fixated on you.’ And I resembled, ‘Me as well.'”

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