Actor Bob Odenkirk had a frightening incident while filming “Better Call Saul”

Scary incident during the shooting of Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk fell ill on set and was hospitalized. Actor Bob Odenkirk frightened his followers after a dangerous incident.

Famous American actor Bob Odenkirk was hospitalized after falling ill while filming the final season of Better Call Saul. The condition of the player remains unclear.

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Famous actor Bob Odenkirk, who gained a considerable fan base with his Breaking Bad series in the USA, fell ill while shooting Better Call Saul in New Mexico.

According to TMZ, the 58-year-old actress collapsed on the set. The actor, who was helped by the set team and his co-stars, was taken to the hospital by the ambulance.

A source close to Odenkirk, without naming his name, told the US media that the actor is under treatment at the hospital and that investigations are continuing to find the cause of the incident.

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The Better Call Saul series, which focuses on Odenkirk’s character in the Breaking Bad series, will conclude with its sixth season, which continues to shoot.

Robert “Bob” Odenkirk is an American comedian, actor, comedy writer, record producer and director. Mostly, he took on the creativity and acting with David Cross, Mr. He is known for the show.

Bob Odenkirk plays ‘Saul Goodman’ in ‘Better Call Saul’. The series, which started broadcasting in 2015, continues for five seasons. Filming for the sixth season of the series began in Los Angeles.

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