Abigaile Johnson and Mia Melano continue their modeling careers

The most basic condition for being called an unrestrained beauty must be that her appearance be extraordinary, or will she attract fans of four children? In fact, in the four child worlds in the United States, different goddesses are born every now and then. This time, the post-80s generation Abigaile Johnson and the post-80s millennial generation Mia Melano will be compared.

Astonishing all beings

As we all know, there are few places rich in young girls in Eastern Europe, so the adult film and television industries in Europe and the United States have been integrated. However, long before this phenomenon occurred, there was already a goddess who captivated four young fans in Europe and the United States, and she was Abigaile Johnson from the Czech Republic.

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When she debuted at the age of 18, she has performed at four famous studios in Europe, including Video Art Holland, Woodman Entertainment, New Climax and Mile High. Although she was gritting her teeth at the time, she managed to gain quite a high popularity with her youthful charm and delicate carcass. The turning point of her career will be at the age of 19. Being studio Woodman Entertainment performed “Woodman Casting X”. All four fans were deeply impressed by her beauty, which is truly amazing. Since then, she has become popular in all four worlds of Europe and America, and even went to Japan to hunt and became a goddess in the minds of many men.

Abigaile Johnson

Date of Birth: November 11, 1989

Height: 165cm

Dimensions: 34C-23-35

It should be known that there will be goddess-level representatives in every era of the American four-child world, and Mia Melano, born in the millennium, is one of them. She has the same height and shape and is considered a perfect body by Sizai fans. Born in Seattle, USA, she never thought of thriving in the modeling world despite her model height, instead embarking on a career of four at the age of 18 and collaborating with deportation. The male god Mick Blue will take the stage. With its charming looks, slim body and slender legs, the first work “High Life” produced by Vixen surprised all four fans. annoyed.

When Mia Melano was asked whether she had such a quality appearance, why not dive into the world of adult models first and then join the world of Sizai, Mia Melano honestly said for two reasons. Another reason for Xie Wu’s debut. It was because she couldn’t resist the lure of money, with a lot of money, she felt there was no reason to excite her any more.

Mia Melano

Abigaile johnson and mia melano continue their modeling careers 2 gmspors

Date of Birth: May 2, 2000

Height: 180cm

Dimensions: 36DD-24-36

It is undeniable that the beauty of Mia Melano was not only unanimously recognized by the fans of the four children, but also published many hot photo series after she became popular. But when it comes to being immortal and Asian at the same time, Abigaile Johnson is always better than Abigaile Johnson, I feel like she’s really strong, especially when you see the difference between before and after braces!

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Even though Abigaile Johnson and Mia Melano are two goddesses of different generations, their charm is unaffected by time. But Abigaile Johnson, who debuted more than a decade before Mia Melano, didn’t actually perform the Four Boys as early as 2017. The family drama turned into a live broadcast of internet celebrities. With its unchanging beauty for ten years, it is popular on the Internet. Pretty good!

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