Abbie Chatfield's Inspiring Journey to Self-Love and Fitness Empowerment

Abbie Chatfield is treating her followers to some swimsuit selfies in a new social media video and photo. The Aussie celeb flaunts her flaming hot body in a gold bathing suit, captioning the Instagram post, “Honestly, I just found these hot photos I took of myself in Perth so I thought I would share. You’re welcome.” Here are her top sporty diet and fitness tips for staying in shape:

Work Out Almost Every Single Day

Exercise is a priority for Abbie, who engages in a mix of HIIT, yoga, Pilates, and running six days a week. She believes in staying physically active, aiming to meet the recommended guidelines for adults.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Abbie follows a healthy diet, starting her day with yogurt and frozen berries, later having corn thins with avocado spread. Lunch often consists of canned salmon with vegetables and rice, while dinner may be a vegetarian patty or falafel wrap. She satisfies her sweet tooth with peanut butter and dates.


Abbie loves cycling, a low-impact aerobic exercise that helps build muscle, improve strength and flexibility, and enhance balance. It also contributes to better mental health and can aid in managing health conditions like arthritis.

Love Yourself

Abbie Chatfield has openly shared her struggles with “definitely disordered eating” and the societal pressure of body image. However, she emphasizes the importance of self-love and acceptance. On her podcast, she expresses pride in overcoming those negative thoughts, focusing on genuine enjoyment of food and exercise. Abbie’s journey reflects her commitment to prioritize overall well-being and mental health, celebrating her body for its strength and resilience.

Don’t Make Exercise a Chore

For Abbie, exercise is about listening to her body and choosing activities that bring joy and alleviate stress. Instead of viewing it as a means to achieve a specific look, she embraces the freedom of working out when she feels like it. Whether it’s practicing yoga to unwind or going for a run to clear her mind, Abbie believes exercise should be an enjoyable and empowering experience. This mindset allows her to maintain a balanced and sustainable approach to fitness.

Abbie Chatfield’s dedication to her well-being, both physically and mentally, serves as an inspiration to her followers. By promoting body positivity, self-acceptance, and a healthy relationship with exercise and nutrition, she encourages others to embrace their unique selves and prioritize holistic health.


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