A woman Twerk at the Commonwealth Games

Scandal at the world famous event! She lifted her skirt and twerk on live broadcast and the camera broadcast those moments live. A woman opened her butt to the world with all her courage in public.

A startling incident occurred at the Commonwealth Games. The moments when a young female spectator suddenly lifted her skirt and twerked while the cameras were filming the tribune shocked everyone.

A woman twerk at the commonwealth games 2 gmspors

Three women were spotted in the stands watching South Africa’s win over Fiji during the rugby sevens match in Birmingham. The woman in the middle shocked everyone when she realized that she was caught by the camera while dancing with her drink in hand, and she lifted her skirt and started twerking.

All three women were cheering while the camera was recording, but when the woman in the middle suddenly lifted her skirt and started twerking, the audience and the commentator were both shocked. The baffled commentator could be heard saying, somewhat shyly, “There’s a lot of dancing,” before the camera cuts off the view of the stadium.

A woman twerk at the commonwealth games 1 gmspors

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