A scary claim about internet download manager 1 gmspors

A scary claim about Internet Download Manager

Beware of Fake ‘Internet Download Manager’ Extension with Hundreds of Thousands of Users! Your computer may be at risk, users have been warned.

A report by BleepingComputer has revealed that an extension is available in the Chrome Web Store that mimics the popular program Internet Download Manager. It was stated that the fake extension has more than 200,000 users and is dangerous.

The download manager program Internet Download Manager (IDM) has been used by users for many years to download things from the Internet. Now, the emerging information shows that an extension that has been on the Chrome Web Store since 2019 and uses the name of this program is dangerous for your computer.

As it is known, IDM is a very famous and secure service in internet environments. However, observations made by BleepingComputer revealed that a fake extension called ‘Internet Download Manager’ carries risks.

Fake Internet Download Manager

A scary claim about internet download manager 1 gmspors

The fake Internet Download Manager was found to have more than 200,000 users.

The report reported that the extension exhibits undesirable behavior and contains adware. Users encountered risky situations such as this extension called ‘Internet Download Manager’ opens links to spam sites, changes the default search engine, and pop-ups asking for unwanted applications to be downloaded.

After that, it turned out that the extension imitated the Internet Download Manager we know. Real IDM is a program owned by Tonec and can be downloaded to Windows. In addition, Tonec offers an extension of IDM for Firefox and Chrome. However, the name of this extension, unlike the one mentioned, is ‘IDM Integration Module’. So you see, someone is putting people at risk by imitating this famous program.

As a result of the investigations, it was seen that the fake extension was operated by a site called ‘Puupnewsapp’, which claimed to increase your download speed by 500%, and it turned out to have nothing to do with Tonec. We can say that it is interesting that the extension remained in Chrome for such a long time, and it is quite worrying that it is used by more than 200,000 people.

Tonec also confirmed that such extensions are fake and warned users to stay away from them. Bleeping Computer also stated that the extension was reported to Google. After that, it was seen that the extension could not be reached from the store. If you are one of those who downloaded this fake program, we recommend that you delete it immediately and be more careful about such things in the future.

True IDM Integration Module

A scary claim about internet download manager 2 gmspors

The number of users of the “IDM Integration Module“, which has real users and provides data security, is more than 10 million.

The distributer of the genuine Internet Download Manager, Tonec, cautions clients on the site devoted to that program that “all IDM expansions that can be found in the Google Store are phony and ought not be utilized,” recognizing that its product notoriety is being utilized for noxious closures. In light of a question from the distribution Bleeping Computer, Tonec states that while it cautions Google consistently, the phony variations return not long after.

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