A Russian YouTuber named Stas Reeflay kills his pregnant girlfriend live on air

Russian YouTuber caused the death of his pregnant girlfriend in the live stream. A Russian YouTuber named Stas Reeflay murdered his 28-year-old pregnant girlfriend by coldly leaving her on the balcony after an audience offered money.

There was a blood-freezing incident in Russia. According to the news in local media, a viewer of Russian origin Stas Reeflay told YouTuber during the live broadcast that he would give his girlfriend $ 1,000 in exchange for keeping his girlfriend in the cold. Thereupon, Reeflay closed his girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva on the balcony in sub-zero cold only in underwear. It was stated that Grigoryeva died at the scene as a result of hypothermia.

Russian YouTuber was live despite killing his girlfriend

Reeflay, which broadcasted while the young girl was on the balcony, continued to broadcast after calling the paramedics. After the incident, many social media users reacted to YouTube on the grounds that “it showed the scenes of violence and persecution against women without any problems.”

It is stated that an investigation into the incident has been initiated, and the Russian Investigation Committee declared, “It will be checked whether the young man whose body was found in his house has possible illegal actions against the deceased.”

A Russian YouTuber named Stas Reeflay was on the agenda in his country after he killed his girlfriend on live broadcast. A detailed investigation was opened against Reeflay, who managed to attract attention with his attitude as comfortable as serial killers. According to the latest information, there are claims that mental health is not in good condition.

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