A rival game console is coming from Logitech to Steam Deck

A rival game console is coming from logitech to steam deck 2 gmspors

Logitech has partnered with Tencent to develop a cloud gaming console. The handheld console in the style of Steam Deck will play games from the cloud.

A rival game console is coming from logitech to steam deck 2 gmspors

Hardware manufacturer Logitech has partnered with Chinese tech giant Tencent to develop a Steam Deck-style handheld console. The Logitech cloud console, which will support multiple cloud gaming services, will provide the opportunity to play games over the internet.

Cloud gaming console partnership from Logitech and Tencent

In the official statement from Logitech and Tencent, it was announced that they will cooperate for a new handheld console. Two important names in the gaming world will develop a device that supports cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now.

A rival game console is coming from logitech to steam deck 1 gmspors

The duo is working to give players access to more games via the cloud. The console, currently called Logitech G Gaming Handheld, is scheduled to launch later this year. Logitech also assured that it will “support multiple cloud gaming services.”

Although it seems to be in the style of Steam Deck, it will not need to be as powerful as Steam Deck as it will play games over the cloud. This situation may lead to positive reflections in terms of both price and supply chain. So it’s not surprising that it will go on sale by the end of this year.

We think the Logitech cloud game console will be similar in design to the Steam Deck. Like the Steam Deck, it will be larger than the Nintendo Switch or smartphone. Logitech and Tencent are expected to give importance to the battery, case and screen of the device.

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