A golden tree cover on Bella Hadid’s breasts

World-famous model Bella Hadid stunned those who saw the gold tree necklace covering her breasts.

Bella wind is on the red carpet! Those who saw her interesting outfit that she covered her chest could not take their eyes off and were amazed by Bella’s physique and beauty.

Bella Hadid Covers Her Breasts With Gold

A golden tree cover on Bella Hadids breasts 4 GMSPORS

The 74th Cannes Film Festival continues at full speed. A preview of the movie Tre Piani was held at the festival. Movies and celebrity outfits leave their mark on the festival. One of the celebrities who talked about the outfit she wore was Bella Hadid. The beautiful model drew all the attention with its interesting accessory that completed her combination.

Bella Hadid, one of the most popular models of the last period, marked the Cannes Film Festival with her outfit.

Preferring a black fish-style dress, Hadid attracted all the attention with the interesting accessory she covered the chest area.

A golden tree cover on Bella Hadids breasts 2 GMSPORS

Many social media users claimed that it also represents the milk ducts because it covers the chest area.

Beautiful model Bella Hadid, who has not been known to anyone for a long time after breaking up with the pop star The Weeknd, opened the doors of her closed heart. Hadid shared a lip-to-lip pose with her new boyfriend, Marc Kalman.

Hadid once again attracted attention with her jewelry and outfit. Those who saw Bella Hadid could not take their eyes off the famous model. Wearing a black dress that completely reveals her breasts, Bella Hadid also showed her difference with her jewelry. Hadid covered her nipples with a tape and censored her chest with tree jewels.

A golden tree cover on Bella Hadids breasts 3 GMSPORS

Hadid, 24, took inspiration from the human lung in the design of Schiaparelli’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection. There are crystal stones as well as gold in the necklace, which is placed on the deep chest décolleté. The price of the product designed by the brand for the new season is estimated to be tens of thousands of dollars.

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