A first in the USA 130 years later: Brandon Bernard was executed

In the USA, a death sentence was imposed for the first time 130 years after the new president took office after the election. The sentence of Brandon Bernard (40), a black Texas man, was executed with a poison injection in the prison in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Brandon Bernard, who was convicted of murder at the age of 18 in 1999 and sentenced to death, was executed by lethal injection approximately 21 years after the verdict. Despite intense efforts, the execution could not be prevented, and the Donald Trump administration made history with a century-old decision! Here are the details …

Donald Trump management made history ‘: Brandon Bernard executed

Donald Trump, who counts days to surrender his chair, will spend his last days as US president in the shadow of the executions of prisoners who have been sentenced to death. While the first execution of this process takes place; In 1999, Brandon Bernard, a black US citizen who was sentenced to death for murder at the age of 18, was executed by lethal injection in Indiana.

Despite all the recent efforts and efforts, his last-minute requests for mercy were rejected by the US Supreme Court, while Bernard also made history as the youngest prisoner to be executed in nearly 70 years. Another name that made history was Donald Trump.

In 1896, Grover Cleveland had 14 executions in the last year of his presidency, some of which were in transition. As a tradition since then, four more people are on the list awaiting execution, following the execution of Bernard under the Trump administration, which “made history” while execution of executions was halted in transition processes. If these executions take place, the number of executions since July will reach 13.

A first in the USA 130 years later: Brandon Bernard was executed


His last words were “I’m sorry. This is the only word that will fully comprehend what I feel right now and the feelings I had that day, ”said Bernard, who was convicted in 1999 of killing Todd and Stacie Bagley. In Texas, Bernard’s five teenagers forced the couple into the trunk of the couple’s car. Christopher Vialva shot Todd and Stacie in his trunk and Bernard set the car on fire.

Defense attorneys drove that both victims died before the vehicle was set on fire, while an independent investigator reported that Stacie had “medically died” before the vehicle was set on fire. However, although the prosecution admitted that Todd was shot dead, Stacie was in his respiratory tract and said he died from smoke after the vehicle was set on fire.

Bernard’s lawyers also argued that his clients followed his instructions because he was afraid of what Vialva might do to him, and that Vialva set the vehicle on fire.

Three of the five people involved were sentenced to prison for being under the age of 18, while Vialva, the other actor of the incident, who was sentenced to death in addition to Bernard, was executed in September. Over the years, Bernard’s lawyers have demanded the conversion of their clients’ sentences to life, in light of factors such as his well-being in prison and his voluntary participation in organizations that would keep young people from committing crimes.

Kim Kardashian also supports Brandon Bernard

Famous model and business person Kim Kardashian was also among the names that supported the campaign launched for Brandon Bernard. She is the daughter of Robert Kardashian, one of the most famous popular culture phenomena in the world and one of the most important lawyers in the USA, and currently plans to undergo a 4-year “apprenticeship” at Van Jones’ lawyer office in order to become a lawyer. Kim Kardashian, who aimed to obtain the certificate, made the following statements in his post on the subject:

  • He was 18 years old at that time.
  • He was not the one who shot the couple.
  • 5 people demand mercy from the prosecutor and the jury.
  • She has been in prison for decades with a clean record, helping young people at risk.
  • There is support from both parties to stop the execution.


Alfred Bourgeois: Bourgeois, whose execution was expected to take place in December, was convicted of torturing his two-year-old daughter. The previously planned execution date was suspended for the investigation of the matter due to defense lawyers’ claim that Bourgeois was not mentally unstable.

Lisa Montgomery: Although the lawyers of Montgomery, who strangled a pregnant woman to death, cut her belly and stole her baby in 2004, claimed that she suffered severe brain trauma and mental disorder due to violence as a child, the execution date was set as January 12. Montgomery will be the first woman to have been executed by federal courts since 1953.

Cory Johnson: The lawyers of Cory Johnson, who killed 7 people in connection with the drug trade, also argue that his clients are mentally disturbed due to Johnson’s violence as a child. Johnson’s execution will take place on January 14th.

Dustin John Higgins: Higgs, convicted of kidnapping and murdering three young women in 1996, did not commit the murders himself, his accomplice Willis Haynes killed young women on Higgs’ directives. Haynes had stated in his court that Higgs had never threatened him or forced the murders. The execution of Higgs will take place on January 15th.


The US Supreme Court reversed the federal death sentences in 1988, but since then, until July 2020, there were only 3 federal court orders. It is noteworthy that all three executions (Timothy McVeigh, June 11, 2001; Juan Raul Garza, June 19, 2001; Louis Jones Jr., March 18, 2003) were carried out under the previous democrat president George W. Bush, while 9 of 12 federal executions were carried out in July 2020. It has happened since.

17 executions in 2020

Apart from federal courts, there are also execution orders made by state courts. In total, 22 executions were carried out in 2019, and in 2020, a total of 16 prisoners have been killed, 7 of them by the decision of the state courts. When Alfred Bourgeois is executed, the year 2020 will end with 17 executions.

According to a report published by Gallup in November 2019, 60 percent of US citizens prefer a life sentence rather than death. Gallup stated that for the first time in 30 years the view against execution has risen to these rates. Turkey is also in the 105 countries where the death penalty is absent, including the United States, which executed the active implementation stands out as one of the 35 countries.

“Congress explicitly authorized the death penalty,” said US Attorney General William Barr on death sentences. The justice ministry advocates for the rule of law. We owe the punishment imposed by our justice system to the victims and their families ”. Expressing that there is no problem in the timing of the execution of the death penalties, Barr said, “I think the way to stop the death penalty is to abolish the death penalty.”

However, non-governmental organizations, politicians and journalists argue that the Trump administration has hastened pending executions due to Biden’s anti-execution rhetoric and that no change of office is expected ethically.

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