A first after Kennedy in the White House

A first after Kennedy in the White House! The funeral for Trump’s brother 57 years later

A funeral ceremony was held for the first time in 57 years at the White House for the brother of US President Donald Trump who recently passed away.

US President Donald Trump tried to fulfill his brother’s last mission.
In the period after Kenedy, the last funeral was held for the brother of US President Donal Trump.

The death of US President Donald Trump’s brother, Robert Trump, in the hospital where he was treated in New York on August 15, caused a first in the White House 57 years later. It is the first funeral for Brother Trump in the White House after former US President John F.Kennedy.


Donald TRUMP Meets COSTS

For 71-year-old Robert Trump, a first in the White House 57 years later. For the first time after the assassination of former US President John F. Kennedy in 1963, a funeral was held in the White House. According to CNN International’s report, 150 people were present at the ceremony, where the participation limit was brought. It was learned that President Trump paid the funeral and ceremony expenses privately.

Trump, in a statement he made to the press members about the ceremony to be held in the White House, said, “I think he would be very proud of this. He loved our country very much. He was always very proud of what we did on behalf of our country.”

President Donald Trump was reported to be very sad after the death of his brother. Many famous names conveyed condolence messages for Donald Trump’s brother.



US President Donald Trump’s 72-year-old brother, Robert Trump, died at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York. The cause of Robert Trump’s death has not been disclosed. Donald Trump visited his brother Robert and later said, “I have a great brother, we have a great relationship for a long time. He is currently in the hospital, I hope he will be fine. He is having a hard time.”

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