A Few Hot Photos of Alina Lando 2022

She continues her professional career with a contract with Russian model Alina Lando Mavrin. Alina Lando, who managed to attract attention with her beauty, reached thousands of fans in a short time.

Alina Lando was born on June 10, 1998 in Russia. Model and social media phenomenon Alina Lando is one of the beauties who are passionate about fitness.

Alina Lando is one of the few names among Russian models. She gained popularity with Mavrin and this is how her professional career began.

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The Life of Modeling

The number of followers of Alina Lando, who often shares her photos in bikini and underwear from her Instagram account, has reached 700 thousand.

Alina Lando, who also does yoga besides fitness, underlines that diet is also very important in order to look fit.

Among Alina Lando’s hobbies are; traveling, taking photos and making videos.

The beautiful model is 1.62 tall and weighs 56 kilograms.

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Alina Lando at Onlyfans

Like many model names, Alina Lando is one of the models that is only among the fans. Onlyfans, which gained great popularity after Bella Thorne, has now become a major source of income for many models.

Alina Lando continues to support both her wealth and her luxurious life with the money she earns only from her fans. The model, which opened the summer season early, is now taking part in new projects in many holiday regions.

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