A fan offers sex for Jake Quickenden

British singer and television star Jake Quickenden exposed the immoral proposal from his fan. A fan offered the famous singer £ 2 and a half million to get in a relationship with him. Her uninhibited fan told the singer that she could bring her pregnant fiance with her.

Singer Jake Quickenden, who stands out with his cheerful mood on British television, exposed the immoral proposal sent by a fan from his social media account.

Jake Quickenden announced that he received an offer of £ 2 and a half million from a wealthy fan who said he could bring his fiance with him.

The 32-year-old singer, who said that she was posting messages with the advice of her pregnant fiancee, admitted that she was very impressed by the offer.

The singer, one of the famous names who recently got undressed on The Real Full Monty On Ice program to raise cancer awareness, stated that he got his opinion by asking his girlfriend what he thought about this offer.

Jake Quickenden responded with a wit to the immoral offer from his fan, and was shocked by the response he received after he said I would bring my wife with me too. His persistent fan, who offers two and a half million pounds to be with him, tells the young man that he can bring his wife, if you don’t mind.

The singer then ended the conversation by saying that she would consider a £ 2.5 million offer and that she could also dance for an extra £ 500,000.

Jake Quickenden, who has been happily together with Sophie Church since 2018, is currently experiencing a fatherly excitement. Announcing that she was pregnant in September, Sophie Church thinks Jake Quickenden would be a great dad.

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