A cute model with Chihiro Kondo Style

Chihiro Kondo (近藤 千尋) is a Japanese model. Represented by Asia Promotion. She is a professional model and also works with many major advertising agencies in Japan. She is also known as a fashion model with millions of fans.

Chihiro Kondo confessed to the incident that took the decision to “marry” her husband Jungle Ota

A cute model with Chihiro Kondo Style 4 GMSPORS

Model Chihiro Kondo (32) on the 21st Kansai Telecasting ” Yasutomo / Tomochi no Kimetsuke!” (After 8:00 on Tuesday) will participate in the broadcast as a guest. The laughing trio told “Jungle Pocket”‘s Hirohisa Ota (38) about the incident when she decided to marry her husband. The program deals with the subject of “a scene like a drama” in life.

Then Kondo showed an episode when she started dating Ota. “As I was just leaving with my husband, I came back on the train and walked out thinking, ‘I promised to have dinner with Hebo today, but my cell phone was dead.’ … “I was walking and Hebo was walking in front of me!” Kondo replied, “I hugged you!” I walked. I thought it was fate. At that time I thought (thought) that I was going to get married as soon as possible. I thought no one would have such a fate.” “We hugged each other at Yoyogi-Uehara station,” she said happily.

A cute model with Chihiro Kondo Style 3 GMSPORS

Chihiro Kondo, that swollen face is foul. A back tie call with a small face and a prominent love pose

Model Chihiro Kondo updated her Twitter on the 24th. Her appearance in “Love It!” She aired it just before her appearance on her regular schedule.

Kondo, who decided on the very cute “Love Pose”, published with the rendition of “I Love This Friday”. The small face stands out in the gesture of holding the pose with the fingers next to the face, forming the L. Also, the puku face with a pointed mouth and slightly swollen cheeks is very cute. Making big eyes out is the ultimate cuteness.

In this post, Kondo urged fans to re-tie, “Who will see you today?”

Many fans responded to the call, such as “I’m taking a day off to see the Chipi-chan couple on Friday” and “I can reconnect until the end”.