9-year-old boy LaTerius Smith Jr allegedly died due to tiktok

9-Year-Old Boy Who Participated in TikTok Challenge Died by Drowning The little boy who followed the trends in TikTok died after the challenge he tried.

9-year-old boy died! His family pointed to the dangerous TikTok trend. The incident took place in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. 9-year-old LaTerius Smith Jr. He died on 10 June.

9 year old boy LaTerius Smith Jr allegedly died due to tiktok 3

Family members found LaTerius motionless in his bedroom with a belt around his neck. It was announced that the boy was taken to a local hospital, but died. Known as “TJ” to his family, LaTerius would turn 10 later this month.

9-Year-Old Child Who Participated In TikTok Challenge Dies By Choking

A 9-year-old boy in the USA died while trying to join the TikTok stream. Unfortunately, the child who was found unconscious in his room with a belt around his throat could not be brought back to life.

TikTok, which is the social media platform that has increased the number of users the fastest in recent years, is an application that can be appreciated with the speed of increasing its popularity, but continues to be a controversial social media platform due to the quality of its content and the accidents that happen to content producers.

An event that took place in the US state of Tennessee once again made TikTok challenges or Turkish expressions a subject of discussion. A 9-year-old boy died while joining the ‘choking’ trend on TikTok.

9 year old boy LaTerius Smith Jr allegedly died due to tiktok 2

LaTerius Smith Jr. The boy named was found unconscious with a belt tied around his neck, and it was announced that the 9-year-old boy died on 10 June. His family attributed the death of LaTerius to the TikTok stream, with the statements he made after the event.

Barbara Williams, one of LaTerius’ elders, said in a statement after the death of the little boy, “His (LaTerius’s) life ended because some people upload stupid videos on various sites.”

She said that after LaTerius’ death, they did a little research on the internet, especially on TikTok, that there were videos showing how people could drown themselves, and that small children like LaTerius could not fully understand these trends and lose their lives.

9 year old boy LaTerius Smith Jr allegedly died due to tiktok 1

TikTok has not yet responded to requests for comment on the charges. However, TikTok community guidelines directly prohibit content that promotes and glorifies dangerous trends, but if you do a little searching on TikTok, you can see many videos of the trend that are not very ‘healthy’.

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