7 Ways Bella Hadid Stays in Shape

Bella Hadid, one of the world’s top-paid models, maintains her enviable physique through a combination of a healthy lifestyle, intense workouts, and a balanced diet. Here are seven ways Bella Hadid stays in shape:

1. Green Juice and Coffee

Bella enjoys green juices and coffee to stay energized. She keeps green juices on hand during photo shoots and takes ginger shots for a quick energy boost. She is also a coffee enthusiast, typically having three espressos before noon.

2. Hearty Breakfast

For breakfast, Bella opts for a hearty meal, often consisting of eggs and sausage or an egg sandwich on a plain bagel. A nutritious breakfast helps kickstart her day and provides essential energy.

3. Intensive Workouts

Bella’s workout sessions are intense and last around two hours. She prefers to give her all during each workout, avoiding the “yoga thing” and opting for high-intensity exercises. Bella values pushing herself to the limit during her training sessions.

4. Boxing

Boxing is a crucial part of Bella’s fitness routine. She trains intensively with her coach, combining running, boxing, and weight training exercises. Boxing provides both physical fitness and mental engagement.

5. Proper Timing of Meals

Due to her low blood sugar, Bella eats regularly throughout the day to maintain her energy levels. She focuses on consuming protein-rich meals that keep her feeling satisfied. She also ensures proper nutrition before and after workouts to optimize her results.

6. Dogpound Workouts

Bella is a fan of Dogpound, a gym offering high-intensity, group-based workouts in New York and Los Angeles. This style of training provides numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness and calorie burning.

7. Equestrian Passion

Bella has a lifelong passion for horseback riding and frequently shares photos of her horses on her Instagram. Riding horses not only offers physical benefits but also develops reflexes, balance, and coordination while engaging the entire body.

Bella Hadid’s commitment to exercise, balanced nutrition, and a dynamic lifestyle contributes to her exceptional physical condition and overall well-being.

By JAKE Hall

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