7 Things about Priah Ferguson, the funny Erica of Stranger Things

Stranger Things has the ability to give us unique characters, each with their own characteristics that make it different from the others and very similar to us. Among the many characters introduced in the last two seasons is Erica Sinclair, Lucas’ younger and toughest sister. We loved her in season three, but after seeing her win in Dungeons & Dragons we were totally hooked on her. It’s the fourth season that praises being a nerd that really builds on that aspect. And Erica, along with Eddie, is proof of how important it is to believe in one’s passions more than the judgments of others.

But who’s behind the hilarious Erica Sinclair? Young Priah Ferguson has a very similar character to hers and has given a little bit of information about her, describing the extraordinary experience she had on more than one occasion.

1) It had to “work” to be able to enter the character

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Like many of the Stranger Things heroes, Priah Ferguson had to “do her homework” to prepare for her audition for the character of Erica, reading about the years of the TV series, history and fashion. And after being hired, all the guys on the roster were advised to literally dive into the past.

I listened to 80s music like “Computer Love” and watched movies like ET. My mom showed me 80s fashion and told me about some of the things that were done in those years. I looked through a lot of photo albums, especially my grandmother’s. I’ve always been a fan of the ’80s and ’90s, so I already had a good foundation – a little bit of knowledge about it. But it was nice to learn more. I think I’m passionate about it because I have an ancient spirit, I love to disconnect from social media and connect with real life.”

2) Her family is very supportive of her

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Priah has repeatedly emphasized that thanks to her family, she managed to get to where she is now. Both supported her early on, but most of the credit goes to her mother, Adjua Ferguson. She knew right away that her daughter was an acting profession, as she had been repeating the dialogues and imitating the characters of the movies she loved since childhood.

She enrolled her in drama school when she was just 5 years old. Then he supported and supported her, accompanying her at every audition and identifying the best opportunities and most suitable episodes for her daughter.

Until recently, Adjua Ferguson was managing social media for Priah. Immediately after the third season aired, Adjua began showing fan comments and audience reactions to the character of Erica. She also admitted that her mother shared negative as well as positive comments but never had a problem with them.

3) Stranger Things is an endless journey for her

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From the first season to this final fourth season, the protagonists of Stranger Things have truly grown and changed. Each in her own way has undergone physical and psychological changes after the various experiences they had to face. The cast, which we see increasingly cohesive and complicit, has grown to include other viable elements, including Priah Ferguson herself, and has been promoted regularly.

Erica Sinclair’s translator revealed that she was immediately friends with Gaten Matarazzo, who, with her irony and kindness, had a character very similar to Dustin’s. “We’re all like one big family. We all laugh together, but most of all, we grow together. And we learn from each other. In my particular case, Stranger Things was the first big role. They taught me a lot. And I learned. So, in a way, Stranger Things is forever for me. It will be like a never-ending journey.”

4) How it manages popularity

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“I go to public school. This is good. I love balance. It keeps me grounded. “Priah Ferguson has said in an interview how her life has changed since the third season aired, but at the same time, she’s not giving up one of those ‘normal’ moments like any girl her age will experience.

“The kids are starting to get to know me now, but people don’t treat me differently, good or bad. The teachers treat me the same way. I’m in an acting club and there’s nothing different: they congratulate me. Sure, I get more attention. Right after, I was at the Cleveland airport and there were fans coming to me, more and more baggage claiming. They gathered around me, so I thought it was staged at first, but people told me it wasn’t. And there were fans outside my hotel. There were Funko Pops and I had to sign autographs. They wanted – it was great.

5) Erica’s favorite line from Stranger Things

7 things about priah ferguson the funny erica of stranger things 3 gmspors

“You can’t spell America without Erica.”

Her favorite joke is the iconic joke that let us know and love little Erica Sinclair right away. Energetic, direct, confident. Lucas’ younger sister has a determined character and innate leadership tendencies. Priah Ferguson has repeatedly reiterated in Stranger Things how she and her alter ego are actually similar. However, despite her enthusiastic and cheerful character, the actress revealed that she wanted to be even more candid and nonjudgmental, just like Erica’s outspoken and unquestioning talents.

Erica is the perfect “little sister” who should always be respected despite her sensitive age, always putting her feet up to get what she wants. And making cunning a loyal ally. Priah is the older sister, so she loved being the “little house” for once in the drama as well as on the set.

6) Erica’s growth is super super “girl power”

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“I think Erica’s growing up is Erica’s super super girl power, just like I am in real life. I love how season four has developed and I think Erica has improved a lot. The audience learns a little more about him than the other characters. And as in the previous season, we will learn more about him in the next season. First of all, I think I’ve learned a lot about myself and who I am, even off set. I think mine is a good one because I grew up with my character and learned a lot along the way.”

These are the actress’ words about the evolution of her character in Stranger Things 4. She also added that last season she wanted Erica to become more aware of what’s going on and sometimes put aside her stubbornness and understand the other person’s weaknesses.

7) The song that will save her from Vecna

7 things about priah ferguson the funny erica of stranger things 2 gmspors

Since episode 4 Dear Billy, we’ve all tried to imagine which song would save us from Vecna ​​(here you’ll find all the shows we listened to Run Up That Hill before Stranger Things). It is difficult to imagine someone who never tires us, knows how to connect us to our most intimate part, knows how to talk to our soul. It can make us feel good.

Erica’s translator tried to answer the crucial question: “Jhené Aiko is my favourite. I love all her songs and Future’s songs … I see them a bit like my safe place. It’s hard to pick just one song. They manage to calm me down and motivate me. Meditation music also helps me free my mind.”

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