53-year-old Tina Kindred conducted a nude raid in the US

Another interesting thing happened in the USA. Tina Kindred, 53, walked into a bar in the United States naked.

The woman who broke the bar she entered naked was stopped with a stun gun. While the reason for the action of the 53-year-old woman at the bar was not yet explained, allegations began to come one after another.

Tina Kindred action became the agenda in America

53 year old tina kindred conducted a nude raid in the us gmspors

America is talking about the 53-year-old woman who walked into the bar naked and made a mess. While the moments when the woman, who was thought to have a problem with the bar owner, lost herself, were recorded with the camera, the police teams finally neutralized the woman with a stun gun.

In the USA, a 53-year-old woman named Tina Kindred crashed the bar she entered. The woman, who nearly destroyed the bar she entered and threw her belongings on the ground, was shot with a stun gun and detained by the police teams called to the scene. The police released those shocking images of the woman.

In the images that have stirred the country, it is seen that the woman is standing naked at the top of the bar, throwing bottles on the ground one by one, and throwing bottles at police officers when she tries to approach them.

Cops shot naked woman with stun gun

Kindred leaves the bar after making a mess. In the meantime, when he approaches an officer, the police officer shoots him with a stun gun. Kindred, 53, threw at least three bottles, one of which was a police officer, Ocala-News reported.

Handcuffed, the woman was taken to a health center before being transferred to the police station. It was stated that there was no narcotic substance in the woman’s blood.

It was alleged that the woman targeted this venue because of her personal problems with the owner. The exact amount is unknown, but it is estimated that Kindred did thousands of dollars in damage to the venue.

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